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4. Looking back on the meeting

Critical feedback

 “I’m a bit frustrated and disappointed. Most discussion has been in informal subgroups, and I felt a lack of discipline. As I have said in former years, as a physician, I do not believe in psychology, or in vague spiritual discussions about ethics.
I’m also disappointed about Rod’s interview on the radio and in Frans’ replies to Mega: he has already said too much.
I still appreciate going on discussing by e-mail and meeting each other.” 

“I am also disappointed. There was a lack of time and a lack of aims and unanimous direction, and therefore a lack of concrete plans for action, a lack of concrete teamwork. Clearly, I see more advantage in planning for action than in discussions about our ethics – maybe because I’m still young and I want to see action. I’m glad some of the members actively campaign anyway. There is only one group like Ipce, so Ipce has to offer aims, ideas and direction to others.
For me, the first point of action will be writing letters to editors in the media. I especially want to point out the difference between ‘people with pedophilic feelings’ and ‘rapists’. Media equate both, which is clearly a lie. The public only have knowledge of rapists; the public do not even know that people with peaceful pedophilic feelings and responsible acts exist anyway.”  

Positive evaluations 

“Permit me to disagree: for me, the meeting was quite productive. The best ideas always come up in subgroups. A small informal group is more creative than a fairly large formal group that needs discipline and a chair. We had a good chair, BTW.” 

“I’m also glad to have come here. I had some concern about Ipce, after all the interceptions, “outings”, and so on. Now I see the vitality of the group I’m glad to share the membership.” 

“I agree with you. I have visited all Ipce meetings from the first one until now. I like to come. I do not feel any frustration. I do not agree that the discussions about ethics are vague; they were clear and scholarly on an academic level. I also disagree about the subgroups: let’s organize the next meeting using subgroups and their power of creativity. Subgroups can be formed by subject or by language to make communication more easy.” 

“Indeed, the meeting was very interesting. In accord with my character, I have mostly listened rather than spoken. I still have concerns; I still do not see the light at the end of the tunnel.” 

“I do see some light, at least I see the way to go: less western thinking, less Americanism, more humanism and human rights, broader outlooks including to other cultures.
Regarding my country, Germany, there is a national group and there are local groups still active, albeit always discussing, and with some internal problems [it seems to be a German tradition to quarrel]. But anyway, they exist and are active. “ 

“I agree. In our post-modern culture now, all groups become smaller, in every area of action maybe, except Greenpeace. But that’s easy: one gives ten euros as a gift, the conscience is content and one views thrilling action on TV, proudly thinking ‘I’m one of them!’ This area of action is far more difficult.” 

“I am glad to be here and to see known faces again. However, I miss the Danish people – let’s go to them next year. I miss the German groups who were very inspiring last year, and the Dutch groups who were also very interesting the year before. So, the UK people here can maybe have influenced the atmosphere of the meeting. We always have to be concerned with our safety and we cannot be optimistic.” 

“I completely agree. I am glad to have met the faces behind the e-mails, the humans behind the machines.
About possible attacks on Ipce: we are ‘worthy’ of being attacked because of  our keen vision founded on solid research and scholarly thinking. This is threatening for popular and ‘correct’ thinking.” 

“OK, I agree. There is not one idea, direction or way of acting, there are several – and that’s good. Let’s use subgroups next year to utilize and maintain that variety of ideas and models for action. Let’s keep being active developing ideas. Let’s keep doing this together.” 

“I agree. I’m glad to have met people and I want to keep the contact.” 

“I am glad to have been here as a guest, to have met people and to have heard stories from other countries. I am glad I can do things that are impossible in other countries, so I will keep doing what is possible.” 

“As the last speaker, I will thank our impressive host for the room and safety given to us.
To highlight some wise and courageous decisions the meeting has made and ideas the meeting has given:

To continue communication without encryption,

To maintain the public Newsletter on the web,

 To go on with the Ipce web site in a more balanced way,

 To establish carefully ethical ideas, and

 To have a broad view including other cultures and post-modern themes.

This year, there were fewer people here compared with former years. But in Athens, 1998, the meeting was also small but still productive. An important function of Ipce’s meetings is always giving and maintaining courage. Look around and you see people from all over the world, from the Far East and the Far West, having sacrificed much to fly  here. Thanks for coming and thanks for contributing with your ideas.”

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