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Ipce’s Internal Matters - Report for the Meeting 2010

1. Report of the secretary

Members who were enduring unreachable are removed from the members' list. New members have been added to the list. The result is a list of now, June 15, 2010, 54 members in 18 countries.  In addition, we have one pending member and three guests.

Because my growing age and quite diminishing health, I am no longer able and willing to be Ipce's (only) secretary.

2. Report of the webmaster

In the course of 2009, the whole Ipce website is hosted by another provider as it had before. The former sub-domain can be removed now. The new provider is good and cheap.

Moreover, there is made a test version of a complete new Ipce website, containing the existing Ipce web with Library [1], Library 2, Library 3 and a new Library 4. The latter will make it possible to maintain the website with a team. It also automatically creates  a register by author, subject (tags), and year of the publication.

This is done because my age and health does not able me to be the (only) webmaster any longer. Ipce needs a team of web workers. Next year, I can be one of the moderators; then I want to hand over my tasks.

Ipce’s website has six sections now:  



MB Room

Ipceweb [*]



Library Two



Library 3 [**]



Library 4   Test version


> 270










145.7 MB

[*]     With Library (1), Statements, Documentation lists, Links and all registers
[**]   With “New” and the Ipce Magazine  

We also have our internal forum IMO: Ipce meets Online, placed by our third provider,  with 34 members on June 15, 2010

The Ipce Magazine is started in January 2007. This is factually an update of the website, be it concentrated on one theme. The first theme was Laws, the second one Women and 'pedophilia'.

The Newsletter is on the website, but is also made in a printable Word version, sent by paper post, especially made for those who have no connection with the Internet.  

However, there are only a very few subscribers for the paper version. My proposal is to stop the Newsletter after # 29 (Report of the Meeting 2010) and # 30 (giving a ;ast collection of absurdities and looking back in an overview). Then, an Internal section can easily be added to the new Ipce website.

In the year we overview now, June 2009 - June 2010, there have been only one Newsletter, only one Magazine and only some normal updates. Lots of files are still waiting. This is mostly due to the great problems of the webmaster with his health, especially the sight. 

The last pages of each Newsletter presented a list of documents which can be sent on request. I propose to stop the documentation service together with the last Newsletter. Nowadays, its is easy to find and to gather documents from the Internet.

3. Two teams

Ipce has two teams, to be (re)installed by the annual Meeting.

A Conflict- & Emergency Team, but there has been no conflict and no emergency since the former report and meeting.  

 A Membership Team: five members who invite and accept new members after some kind of acknowledgement by them, if possible also by a member from the same country or speaking the same language. The criteria for admission can be found in the Report of the Meeting in October 2007, section 2
This team has worked reasonably well in the year we overview now. The Meeting will be asked to reinstall such a team.   

4. Financial Report

About the half of the members have paid their dues. Because the members who have paid usually haven given more than had been asked, the paying members have compensated the not paying members.

Financial Report Ipce 

May 8, 2009 > June 15, 2010

Report Expected Report Expected
2008-09 2009-10 2009-10 2010-11
Starting balance 534,84 547,39 1.047,39 857,03
Dues 503,49 500,00 352,63 400,00
Gifts 1.185,63 500,00 261,93 300,00
Other: rent 0,36 PM 0,56 PM
Total income 1.689,48 1.000,00 615,12 700,00
Start + Income 2.224,32 1.547,39 1.662,51 1.557,03
Newsletters -100,23 -150,00 -37.55 -120,00
Meeting -283,15 -200,00 -100,00 -200,00
Secretarial costs:        
   Postbox & stamps -50,85 -75,00 -62.65 -70,00
   & copies        
Web site         
   Providers *  -572,70 -409,00 -477,02 -300,00
   Other costs -170,00 -90,00 -0,00 -0,00
Paid articles     -59,39 -100,00
Publications **     -68,87 -500,00
Various costs 0,00 PM 0,00 PM
Total costs -1.176,93 -924,00 -805,48 -1.290,00
Final balance 1.047,39 623.39 857,03 267,03
ASN Account 77,07   0,00  
PayPal account     40,00  
ING account 970,32   817,03  
Total 1.047,39   857,03  
Reserv for publ 500,00   431,13  
Normal costs 547,39   425,90  
* Providers        
Xs4All -403,20 -108,00 -111,67 0,00
KN Online -69,50 -21,00 -90,35 0,00
Bluebox -100,00 0,00 -10,00 0,00
BCCP   -210,00 -265,00 -300,00
Redirection 0,00 -20,00 0,00 0,00
Domain names 0,00 -50,00 0,00 PM
Total -572,70 -409,00 -477,02 -300,00

** Reserved for publication …
… of a book ‘Positive Memories’ by T. Rivas. The ISBN is already bought and paid. The text is nearly ready. To have printed and promoted it, the reserved money will be not enough. Gifts are welcome. 

Because of my growing age and diminishing health, I am not able and willing to continue my task as the treasurer. 

Proposals to the Meeting 2010

  1. Accept this report and so the work and policy of the secretary, the webmaster and treasurer in the year 2009-2010. 

  2. Appoint a new secretary and a new treasurer.

  3. Appoint a steering committee for Ipce.

  4. Reinstall the conflict- & emergency team.

  5. Reinstall the new-members team.

  6. Appoint a team of webmasters and moderators and start the test version of Ipce's web site.

  7. Stop the Newsletter after # 30, then open an internal section on the new web site. 

  8. Stop the documentation service together with the last Newsletter. 

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