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 Number E 28, June 2010   - [ZipWord version]


The Boylover as Society's Screen for Shadow  Projection

Section I: Ipce's internal matters - annual reports
Section II: Theme: Fear of images 
Section III: Articles - Panic and hysteria

1. The Big Question: Have we taken child protection measures too far in Britain? Nigel Morris, 12 August 2008, The Independent, UK 

2. Sex offender scheme will 'create climate of mistrust', Samantha Payne, 15 September 2008, Kent Online, UK 

3. A policy of panic, not purpose, Rowenna Davis, The  Guardian , UK, September 16 2008 

4. Paedophile hysteria preventing men applying to work in primary schools ... a Government advisor has said. Graeme Paton, 30 Sep 2008, Telegraph, UK

5. Fear and suspicion are no way to build a good society, Jenni Russell, The Guardian, 4 February 2009 

Section IV - Mixed articles

1. Foley breaks silence on sex scandal, AP Interview; Brian Skoloff, Associated Press & Yahoo News, Nov 12 2008 

2. Baby P exposes our need to believe in the perfect parent; Catherine Bennett, The Guardian, The Observer, UK, November 16 2008 

3. You Might Be a Sex Offender If ... Derek "The Fallen One" Logue, November 11, 2008; Once Fallen 

4. Is Halloween a pedophile's favourite holiday? Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun. October 26, 2008

5. We need a change in approach to sex offenders; Richard Johnson, November 16, 2008, Tribune News

6. 'Pedophile' priests? The RC Church & sex; Tegenwicht  (Counterbalance) weblog # 129, March 15, 2010

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