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Here you are: Ipce’s Electronic Newsletter # 28, dated June 2010. The former issue, # 27, was published in July 2009 – a long period between both Newsletters. The reason was that the eyes of your webmaster more or less refused their sight in April 2009. 

What followed was a year in with four eye surgeries and three new glasses – lots of costs. This ended in a recovered sight, at least of a great screen with great fonts. However, my eyes are quite quickly tired. After viewing the morning newspaper, I have to take some rest. 

Working is difficult in these conditions. I also have problems with my spine, my breath and my shoulders. And with my mind: I have become somber, I feel a lack of vitality, a lack of energy. I am preparing my departure from this earth. I am just cleaning up my house: lots of archives have already been moved or deleted. 

Thus, I am growing older and my health is quite diminishing. Thus, I have to hand over my tasks. Within Ipce, there is already formed a task force to manage this. The next Ipce Meeting 2010 will take the necessary decisions. 

The internal reports – and proposals – for this Meeting are part of this Newsletter. 
For Ipce’s web site, there has already been made a test version of a new website “Ipce Two”, including the first website with its three libraries, and a Library 4, which allows to be maintained by a team of webmasters and moderators, and which automatically makes a register by author, subject and year of publication. 

In the internal papers, you will read a proposal to stop the Newsletter, because there are scarcely a few subscribers to the paper version of it. Number 29 will give the report of the Meeting and some articles, number 30 will be the last one, with an overview of all Newsletters, including the non-electronic ones – which will be scanned by a volunteer and than be published on the new website – and a final collection of absurdities, and that’s it. Internal papers can easily be published in a section of the new web site. 

Anticipating the Meeting’s decision, I have already stopped with collecting documents. Receiving, reading and selecting about five documents or articles each day, this was too much for me. So, you will not find the usual Lists of the Documentation Service here. Nowadays, it is easy to find documents on the Internet. And you can find lots of documents, news items, and more, on <  >.

In this Newsletter, you will see a next article about ‘Fear of Images’, a section about ‘Panic and Hysteria’ and some ‘Mixed Articles’. 

Fear of images, panic and hysteria, nowadays these are still relevant. Irrational fears and other emotions have still to be counter-balanced by rational reasoning and solid research data. A wide spread myth is the 95% recidivism rate of sex offenders. Solid research actually found about 3%, to give an example you can read here in this Newsletter. 

The concluding article is about the ‘ped-priests’ - a problem for the Catholic Church, but not correctly interpreted by the same church. It is not the problem of ‘a small group of servants with a distorted sexuality’, as a bishop has said; it is the problem of a church with a distortion: an obsession with sexuality, labeling sexuality as sin, dirty, guilty. The abuse told about is of all means abuse of power. Offer the priests a therapy, but do change the church as a whole. 

The work of Ipce might be go on, new teams will be formed and do their job, I will retreat and realize my ‘Ipce-pension’ during the coming year – after 25 year of volunteering for Ipce, 

Still your webmaster, 

Start Omhoog Volgende