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'Harmful to Minors' -  The perils of protecting children from sex -  Lecture about the book of Judith Levine, Harmful for Minors, The perils of protecting children from sex, 2001, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis / London
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1 November 2002 Study conference 'Aljen Klamer group', Paul' s Church, "Abuse by definition? Image and reality", by Frans Gieles

Early loss of virginity 'leads to less stress'; By Roger Dobson 27 October 2002; The Independent 
The earlier a woman has sex, the less stressed she is as an adult, scientists have discovered. When they questioned women about their sexual history and tested them for levels of a stress hormone, they found that the lowest levels were among those who had sex the earliest. A similar but smaller effect was found for men.

The dark side of Peter Pan; Mad about the boy; Why are we so fixated by the story of a child who never grows up? Lyn Gardner on the dark side of Peter Pan; Lyn Gardner Wednesday December 11, 2002 The Guardian
[...] If we are ever really going to grow up, it seems crucial that we should confront the play's dark core, and deal with its disturbing psychological suggestiveness in a truly adult manner. We should stop wrapping it in a hazy gauze of nostalgia and acknowledge that Peter Pan is not just a work of genius, but a work of genuine horror.

New book
As the author of "Das Protokoll", I want to let you know its appearance  at  Kontrast-Verlag in these days. From a professional point  of view (I am Psychologist), the book reflects some hysteric and abusive  aspects of present  discussion about "pedofilia" in Western Society.

Gerald Moonen v. The Film and Literature Board of Review 
An Artist’s response to “just criticism” of the State. [Word doc.]
Decision of 26 November of
the Film and Literature Board of Review.
Gerald Moonen,
26 November 2002

About The Moralist [< >]
The reading was a success, [...] Sample questions attached.
Also attached, another piece for my reading in Sacramento, the capital city of California.

Gay Sheep May Help Explain Biology of Homosexuals; Nov 4, 2002, By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent Reuters
Gay sheep that mate only with other rams have different brain structures from "straight" sheep, a finding that may shed light on human sexuality, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

Finkelhor: risks overstated
Last November I sent a message to IMO exposing the falsehoods in the use of 1-in-5 statistic re children being sexually solicited on the Internet.   [...]  
Although the author of the study it comes from, David Finkelhor, a child sex abuse expert, limited the statistic's applicability, others stripped it of its context in order to exaggerate the perception of danger to children.    
Finkelhor has now been quoted in the nation's leading newspaper saying that the
online risks to children are overstated.  

Articles re recovered memory 

Dallas author Rod Downey treads shaky ground with new novel about older man and young boy Printable Version - BOOKS - The dangerous topic of pederasty, By Arnold Wayne Jones; Dallas Voice
As I read about the ideas espoused by Rod Downey in preparation for our interview, [...]

No touch at all 
This is a report on a field observation of year one teachers and their students at a beach outing. It was observed at a beach near Brisbane Australia.
If anybody doubts the deleterious effects on children of the sex which hunt this has to be it! Two busloads of year one students [both girls and boys] with their teachers [both male and female] arrived at a local beach. After several hours of observation it was noted that the male teachers were NOT allowed to touch any of the children at all, whereas this did NOT apply to female teachers.

Four million of us are sex cheats - Ben Summerskill Sunday October 27, 2002 The Observer 
More than 4 million husbands and wives across Britain have committed adultery, according to an ICM poll for The Observer. And, far from being promiscuous, young people in long-term relationships outside marriage are almost as likely to be monogamous as their married counterparts.
[...] The average age at which today's 16- to 24-year-olds lost their virginity is 15-and-a-half. For their grandparents and great-grandparents, those over 65, it was 19.

Sympathy for the Devil? Focus: The paedophile threat - Angela Neustatter Sunday October 20, 2002 The Observer
Pervert, monster, evil. That is our gut reaction to men who harm children. Yet evidence shows that, to contain the menace of paedophilia, we need to understand what drives the abusers.
Helping offenders to live normal lives within society is precisely the aim of the three befriending projects that began this summer with Home Office funding. They are modelled on the Canadian experience, which now offers 33 befriending circles for sex offenders.

Most Homophobes are Gay, OutRage! 1998 
Research by US psychologist Prof. Adams of the University of Georgia suggests that 80 percent of men who are homophobic have secret homosexual feelings.
In Prof. Adams's test, homophobic men who said they were exclusively heterosexual were shown gay sex videos. Four out of five became sexually aroused by the homoerotic imagery, as recorded by a penile circumference measuring device (a plethysmograph).

Parents: Your pre-teen may be a pedophile Cleveland TV News (12 June 2002)
The sexual interest in much younger children may begin to appear at 11, 12, or 13, so experts say the sixth grade is an appropriate time to talk to children about such sexual feelings.
[..] They stress that it's important to teach them the dangers of such thoughts [..] 
Parents should make sure the therapist uses plethysmographs ("peter-meters") or polygraphs ("lie detectors"), can prescribe sex-drive reducing drugs, and uses covert sensitization, aversion or satiation to directly reduce sexual interest [..]


Facts and resources for identifying, stopping pedophilia.
Parents: Your pre-teen may be a pedophile (additional material): , June 12, 2002
[..] by some estimates, up to four percent of the population is attracted to children, most are men. They suffer with a psychiatric disorder called pedophilia.
[..] Berlin says even though 90 percent of pedophiles are men, there is no link between homosexuality and pedophilia. he says it is a myth that homosexuality is a risk factor for child sexual abuse.
[..] Experts note that it's a misconception that priests, teachers, boy scout leaders and other adults who work with kids are responsible for most child sexual abuse.
Half of child sexual abusers are the parents of the victims; other relatives commit 18 percent of the offenses. 

Updated science list
My list of scientific articles dealing with pedophilia and related subjects has been extended [...]

"Priests and Boys"

Gary Wills reviews books by Philip Jenkins, Judith Levine, Michael S. Rose; The New York Review of Books, 13 June 2002 

Priests and Boys: An Exchange, By David Hirsch, Judith Levine, Kenneth L. Woodward, Philip Jenkins, Reply by Garry Wills; The New York Review of Books, September 26, 2002 

The trouble with boys, National Post - Editorial 30 May 02 
Delegates at Congress 2002 in Toronto, a week-long gathering of thousands of social scientists from around the world, have been grappling with the growing gender gap in schools. Why are girls closing the gap between themselves and boys in traditionally male-dominated subjects such as math and sciences, while boys are falling farther behind girls in female-friendly subjects such as reading and writing?
Some delegates have proposed sensible answers.

Could you befriend a paedophile? BBC UK News, 28 August 2002.
Do convicted paedophiles need decent friends if they are to be stopped from re-offending? Eileen Henderson pioneered the befriending of sex offenders in Canada, a method now being copied in the UK. "Some of these guys aren't very nice characters," says Eileen Henderson, who is currently a "friend" to four convicted child sex offenders around Toronto, Canada.
"But even with them you see small changes, small growth, small miracles. These people have done horrendous things, but you see glimpses of the human."
Set up with government funding six years ago, so-called "Circles of Support" (such as the ones Ms Henderson sits on) aim to safely reintegrate paedophiles into a hostile society after their prison sentences are complete.

[Cfr < >
about the "Circles of Support"]

Paul Goodman - Meet Paul. He's A Teacher, Writer, And Pederast, Posted by Puzzled on 2002-August-19 [Fwd] 
Paul Goodman (1911-1972) wrote the passage printed below. He wrote this at a time when homosexuality was still considered a mental disorder and consensual gay sex was widely illegal and being prosecuted routinely.
Goodman was an author of fiction and non-fiction, and 1960's Growing Up Absurd was his most well-known work. He wrote novels. He wrote short stories. He wrote poems. And he wrote this: [...] 

Jessie Mann on being photographed - Posted by NFiH on Saturday, August 17 2002 
[I] think this is from her Aperture interview; I found it on Usenet:
[...] There are so many levels to childhood that we as a society ignore, or don't accept. Rather than just saying it, she was able to capture it with photographs. It's easy to discount these things unless you can really see them in the kids' eyes, or see it in their actions.
I also think she brought out a certain sexuality in children that nobody wants to think about.

Letter to media 
With a lot of hesitation, Thursday's radio program has come to the point where I just 'have' to write to you [...]  I'm writing about the problems you discussed of boys unable to express emotions and thus suppressing them....
So many times during the program you and Roberta and even your callers mentioned the benefit of an adult male who would be sympathetic to letting the boy cry and express emotions in other
ways, rather than numbing and suppressing them...
Armand, let me remind you that there IS a whole not-so-small segment of our society that IS that kind of men... gentle, caring and admiring of boys (and thus very tolerant and sympathetic to them) -- the notorious term is "boy lovers"

Carroll's Artistry and Our Obsessions , By TESSA DeCARLO , Augus 11, 2002, NY Times 
SAN FRANCISCO — THE man who wrote "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass" was an equally brilliant photographer. But in modern times Lewis Carroll's achievements have been overshadowed by the widely held conviction that his primary inspiration, literary and artistic, was an unsavory obsession with little girls.

Words Never Spoken; Letter Never Sent - Posted by Boz on 2002-July-18 on BoyChat.
Dear [Zeb], [...]
[...] The hardest part of love is letting go, but that is what I have to do. It is what we both have to do, to some extent.
Don't think that I will ever forget you. There is no chance of that ever happening. You are the most wonderful and special person I have ever known; the person I have cared more about than any past or present. [...] 

Who Are the Pedophiles in Your Neighborhood? By John Huffam
Posted by Boz on 2002-August-14 [Original source unknown]
In this offering, the sixth in the series, Mr. Huffam offers what looks more like a straightforward journalistic report, but in the end gives a portrait of another kind of person in our communities we might not often think of. The names of the people in the story all have been changed for their own protection. [...]
There are million of people in the world like Pat Bishop. People who have no idea that the man who runs the corner store or their child' teacher is a pedophile. People who praise these folks for being such wonderful people and they are. They are non-offenders, genuinely care about the wellbeing of the kids they know, but just happen to also be sexually attracted to some of them. They are, in one sense, highly visible people, but in another sense, they are completely hidden away. Until people are ready to conceive of the possibility that pedophiles can just be another person in the neighborhood, they will have to remain in the shadows. It is just unclear who could possibly benefit from prolonging that situation.

[No message]
The author mails us that the story is fiction only.

The Double Standard, by Richard Goldstein
This brief excerpt is the beginning of an article in the August 20, 2002 edition of The Advocate. 
If you've been following the scandals involving priests and boys, no doubt you've heard a Roman Catholic Church official or two argue that most of these predatory clerics aren't actually pedophiles since they're not attracted to prepubescent children. Teen are their temptation, and that makes them ephebophiles. Say what?

A New Kind of Spin the Bottle; - From the show Dr. Phil on Alarming Sexual Behavior Among Children 
Times have changed: children as young as twelve are having oral sex. It's not just the "fast kids," either; it's the clean-cut ones, too. According to a survey by Seventeen, 55% of teenagers have tried oral sex. Find out about this new teenage trend. 

Sex between teenage boys and older men is not always coercive -- and it can be more ecstatic than traumatic; Minor report; David Tuller, Salon.Com July 22, 2002 
[....] it doesn't take a huge stretch of the imagination -- at least not of my imagination, nor, as it turns out, the imaginations of other gay men of my acquaintance -- to believe that there are some men whose lives were not destroyed, or may even have been enhanced, by adolescent sex with a priest. They have not gone public, nor would I expect them to, especially in the current environment. But that they exist -- somewhere -- I have little doubt.

Dr Pelo is back again 

The Romance a Teenage Camper Couldn't Have Today Summer of Love, in: Village Voice, by Judith Levine, Week of July 3 - 9, 2002
This is an innocent story. In 1967, the summer before my 15th birthday, I fell in love. It was my first intense erotic love, and its object was the photography counselor at camp -- a lean, bearded, blue-eyed guy I'll call Jake. He was 26. Nothing sexual happened. Still, I think of those two months as the summer of my panouissement, a French word meaning blossoming or opening, which also means glow. Jake took hundreds of pictures of me, and his affirmation and his camera opened me to myself. They helped me begin, sexually, to glow.
If the same events had occurred in 2002, they would not be viewed as innocent. The adults around me would write my chaste romance as a perverse tale, casting Jake as a predator and me as his hapless, clueless prey. Had I started my sex education with good-touch-bad-touch lessons in kindergarten or listened for a decade to media reporting on a world allegedly crowded with sexual malefactors sniffing the world for young flesh, I might even have believed that my friend and mentor Jake was one of them. That sweet idyll would have been, instead, the summer of my victimization. And instead of opening me, Jake's attentions might have closed me down in fear and confusion.

Kids' Sexuality Finds a Champion -- and Conservatives Attack Underage and Under Siege, in: Village Voice, by Sharon Lerner Week of July 3 - 9, 2002
[..] Drawing on social science and history, Levine makes a strong case that the denial of sexuality is the true cause of harm to minors. [..] Harmful to Minors' most important contribution is tying that protective impulse to adults' deep-rooted discomfort with their own sexuality.

Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis For Law-Enforcement Officers Investigating the Sexual Exploitation of Children by Acquaintance Molesters, Fourth Edition September 2001, By Kenneth V. Lanning