Chapter 2 - Impossible, Improbable

I slept little, that night. After meeting and spending the evening with David, my mind was too wired. Any thought that didn’t pertain to him was quickly pushed aside, as I kept returning to our day together – going over it, again and again. At times, I’d sit up in bed and part my blinds to take a peek at the window I knew he was sleeping just on the other side of. Plagued by bouts of insomnia my whole life, I knew well how miserably long a night can be when sleep becomes elusive – but this one in particular flew! Before I realized it, my alarm clock was beeping and I got busy with preparing for work.

“Good morning!” some sweet voice chirped at me, as I shut and locked my front door. I turned towards my car and saw David sitting on the hood. His fat behind pushed an indention into it, but once relieved of his 70 pounds, it popped back up.

“Hey, buddy!” I exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to say goodbye before you went to work!” He answered and added, “Everyone in my house is asleep, but I stayed up all night, ha!”

I asked why he didn’t sleep, to which he replied, “I don’t know. I just kept thinking about today. Do you want to hang out after you get home from work?”

His hair was wrecked, had holes in his socks and no shoes on, pajama bottoms and a wife beater t-shirt, and smelled amazing! Not sure how they manage that feat in the morning with no shower, but maybe I’m being subjective. Maybe they smell like shit to every normal person.

“Of course, bud!” I replied. “I mean, you have to get permission, but yeah, we can ride our bikes a bit and get something to eat, and then watch a couple movies, when I get home.”

“Awesome!” He blurted out.

“I have to go, champ. See you later!” I reluctantly told him before running my fingers through his hair, pretending to actually care that it was messy.

“Bye!” He said and followed with a hug. I knew I should have jerked off in the shower, that morning, or chose looser pants to wear.

As I got into the car he exclaimed,

“You smell good!”

And off I went – rear view mirror gazing until I could no more.

Work was boring and the boys that I normally take so much pleasure in handling didn’t have the same appeal to me. But eventually I was on my way home – driving faster than I normally do.

David was across the street and in my yard before I could even shut off the car.

“Hi, did you have a nice day?” was the first thing he asked.

“It was okay, but I’m glad to be home!” I answered.

He had showered and the musk was replaced with the unmistakable scent of Tide detergent. He was wearing a ball cap too and my spider senses were tingling. I reached for his hat, slowly… He didn’t flinch but just stood there behind my car, smiling.

I removed his cap…

“Oh my god!” I cried out. “Where’d your hair go?”

Before he answered, I could see ever so slightly, a disappointed feeling being hidden by him. I loved his bowl-cut. The way they fan out when a boy with one quickly turns his head; drives me nuts, but alas…

“It looks awesome, buddy!” I told him. It wasn’t a lie, as he would have been gorgeous with any hair style, but man I loved the other hair style so much more.

He face lost the slight disappointed look as he started to laugh and smile and said, “Cool, I’m glad you like it. I wanted us to have matching haircuts!”

Apparently, having a buzz cut to match mine was important to him. The gesture itself meant the world, to me. I know the gravity of it. I knew then. David was placing me in role-model territory and was going to model himself after me. As role-models go, he could do worse. As motivations to be a better man go, with him, I couldn’t have done any better.

“Let me go change and then we can go riding!” I told him, rubbing that impossibly soft, dark fur that covered his head, now.

“Okay. Mom said I can come in as long as you say it’s okay.” He told me.

I looked over towards his house and his mother was out on the porch, smoking a cigarette. I waved to her, and then pointed down towards David who stood next to me. She gestured an “It’s okay” gesture, and I finished with the “thumbs up”. It was a wizard’s spell, if you were watching the scene from afar. A few mysterious hand gestures and I conjured a boy, to follow me into my evil lair, or hypnotized his mother into willful obedience. Truthfully, he would have likely followed me anywhere and she, I was to learn time after time after time, thought of me as a Godsend to her young son; her young, never-knew-his-daddy, son. Bless her and her selfless attitude towards us and our friendship. They’re not all bad. I sure wish I could quantify what made her that type of mother, though. It would be a prerequisite for future yf’s, [= young friends - Ipce]  to have a mother like her.

I walked into my bedroom to change while David talked to my roommate and brother. They both know about my attractions and aren’t prudish enough to think that they’re fine if I don’t explore them, quite the opposite, really. Any yf [young friend] of mine instantly becomes family, to them.

“Hey David, how you doing man?” I heard my brother ask, before I shut my bedroom door.

After I wrestled one half of my pants off, my door opened up and in walked David.

“Ah ha, I caught you changing!” He exclaimed, not bothering to keep his voice down, either.

“You little evil thing you!” I playfully replied.

He came in and shut the door – sat on the bed. I was going to have to change in front of an audience. I normally would have minded, even if it was a yf [young friend] sitting there, but I didn’t mind this time. I had no inhibitions around him for some reason, even when I noticed he was sneaking looks.

“I get a rash when I ride bikes with underwear on!” He declared, and then removed them.

Shorts back on and beaming from getting everything aired out, he followed me out of the room and we went on our first ride, together.

I imagine that each of us has the ability to become an Olympic level athlete, with proper motivation. A boy sitting up on the bar while you pole vault, or one at the other end of the pool, kicking water around with his little bare feet, or a bottom heavy one peddling madly in front of you. Not that I would normally get tired at his pace, but I felt nothing.

We ended up at Mcdonalds. I ordered first and he followed, “The same please.”

After we sat down, I slid my phone across the table and instructed him to call his mother.

“Why?” He asked.

“I just want her to know where you’re at and that you’re okay.” I replied.

“BLues., she doesn’t care, as long as I’m with you.” He told me.

His perceptiveness was likely a gift, from her. I’ll get to it in later stories, but for now, suffice to say, she was slightly aware of who she was handing her son off to, and in time, well aware.

We ended the evening with a hug, in his bedroom. I decided I would come in and have the ole cursory chat, with mom.

“Night buddy, I had fun today.” I told him and kissed his furry little head.

“Me too, see you tomorrow, BLues.” He admitted.

I tucked him into bed, stole another head kiss, then turned off his light and shut his door.

“That little rascal, he wore me out!” I told his mother, after sitting down across from her, on the couch.

“You better get used to it. He loves you.” She replied.

She stared at me long, just like he does. The similarity actually made me think to myself, “Damn…she’s hot…”

“Well, I better get some sleep. I was thinking about taking him hiking, this weekend.” I told her and felt obligated to ask her, “Do you want to come?”

“Yeah, if you guys don’t mind, I’d like to.” She replied.

I still was in shifty-BL [Boy Love] mode and asked, “Why would we mind? We’d love it if you came!”

She chuckled and said, “Well, I love seeing him so happy; seeing it makes me happy, too.”

David’s bedroom door creaked open and he walked out in his underwear to give me another hug goodbye. Hugging a boy, in front of his mother, while he’s in his underwear, is weird.

And wonderful.