Vogt's book completed

Vogt, Horst
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Vogt's book completed

Except for some figures, who now are given in a temporary format, Vogt's book is now completed with ...

Ch. 2) Underlying Concepts of Health, Illness, and Self

When the subject is human beings, scientific conceptions contain implicit or explicit fundamental assumptions about the relationship between the individual and the environment. In the following, the operational-psychology framework underlying the present study will be outlined. Tied into this is the goal of staking out a theoretical position on concepts of health, illness and self that emphasizes the transactional relationship between the individual and the environment.

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Chapter 3
Pedophilia as an Example of Norm-Deviant Sexuality and Concomitant Demand-Structures

In the following the "isolated minority syndrome" among sexually marginal groups and the social situation of pedophilically-oriented persons is broadly outlined and the heightened demand-structure connected with it is considered within a behavioral psychology conceptual framework. 


In the opinions of Fog (1992) and Gieles (2001), sensible offers of therapy or counseling for pedophiles will recognize that the clients are to be supported in accepting their sexual feelings, and that an attempt will be made to enhance self-esteem. 
According to Fog (1992), Steinacher (1999), and Gieles (2001), self-help groups are of great significance to those concerned and represent the most important single resource. Conversely, they are just as important in protecting children from violence. 
The function of pedophile self-help groups essentially lies in their consciousness-making and personality-stabilizing effect. Meetings of self-help groups are often held at locations where, for the first time, those affected can share their needs and inclinations in a protected setting, without fear of rejection or repression; they are thereby able to realize that they are not alone. 
Participants see that their self-consciousness is enhanced, and experience social support. Moreover, through the group, participants get the chance to reflect on their own behavior towards children and, if necessary, to change it. 
In summary, we can say with confidence that pedophilic persons are, due to their difficult social situation, exposed to heightened demand-structures. Because of isolating social conditions, the ability to act competently may be impaired. Since scarcely any social resources are available, greater degrees of health-related impairments, along with a negative self-concept as a moderator variable, are to be expected.