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Perverted Justice: A Brief Overview, Barrie Caspar 2009.
At the time of this writing, a number of lawsuits against the Perverted Justice Foundation, including one brought by the family of the man who killed himself during a To Catch a Predator raid, have been settled or are pending. They generally involve defamation of character and/or false accusations resulting in loss of employment, stature, or home.
Without the income from the NBC program, in the face of these lawsuits, the future of PJ is in doubt.

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Formal data from California Secretary of State 

Charlie Brooker's screen burn - 'After making them sweat, Hansen reveals his camera crew. Ta da! You're on Paedle's About!' Charlie Brooker, The Guardian, May 31, 2008 
When a TV show makes you feel sorry for potential child rapists, you know it's doing something wrong. To Catch A Predator is that show. It hails from America, where it's not some wacky bit of far-out cable madness, but a mainstream network broadcast; a staple feature of Dateline NBC 

NBC resolves lawsuit over 'To Catch a Predator' suicide; Matea Gold, LA Times Jun 24 2008
Media ethicists objected to the deception used in the investigation, as well as NBC’s close relationship with law enforcement agencies in the jurisdictions where it set up stings.

'To Catch a Predator': The New American Witch Hunt for Dangerous Pedophiles; Rolling Stone # 1032; Vanessa Grigoriadis, 9 Aug 2009 
In reality, though, the stings conducted by Perverted Justice are essentially designed to circumvent the Constitution. Police departments are largely overtaxed in the area of Internet crimes, and since Dateline reportedly pays Perverted Justice $100,000 per sting, the group is able to provide its services to the cops for free.
[...] Even more disturbing, anti-predator stings involving decoys may actually outnumber crimes involving real victims.

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