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99-020 @B 4pp Families for Freedom Child Safety Bulletins, Stranger Danger (Ipce Newsletter E5, febr 1999)
99-021 @B 3pp Robbing kids of their childhood and teachting parents to panic; let children be children and aults be adults, by Frank Furedi, in: Living Marxism 113, sept 1998, and in Ipce newsletter E5, febr 1999.
99-022 @B 5pp Overview of Foucault's ideas, The History of Sexuality, author unknown
99-042 @ 4Kb The Rind Papers: Overview with links to abstracts on a web site.
99-043 @B 10pp
28 kB
Interpreting the satanic legend, Journal of Religion and Health, Vol. 37, No 3, Fall 1998, pp. 249-263.

99-044 @B 14pp
89 kB

Abuse in the balance, by Bob Woffinden; Analysis of UK children's home investigations, 9th May 1998, The Guardian Features: Weekend Guardian, p.34 ff.
99-045 @B 2pp

52 kB

Book review: The Economist, London. December 5th 1998. Books:
Anne Higonnet "Pictures of Innocence"
James Kincaid "Erotic Innocence, the Culture of Child-Molesting"
99-046 @B 2pp
A Call to save our children and our liberties, 2nd version with the list of signers  Ein Aufruf zum Schutz...
99-047 @ 3pp


Kiddie pants or kiddie porn ? Nothing comes between kids and their Calvins -- except charges of pedophilia, Salon, March 12, 1999, Deborah A. Lott.
99-048 @B 20pp
101 kB
B.C. Supreme Court Ruling of Duncan Shaw (Canada, child porn law)
99-049 @ 4pp

36 kB

Children are at risk - from their terrified parents, Frank Furedi, on the implications of last week's report on mental illness in the young, The Independent on Sunday, 7th February 1999.
99-050 @ 2pp  26 kB Parents told to let children take risks, [saiys Mental Health Foundataion in the U.K.), February 4 1999.
99-051 @ 5pp

42 kB

CHILDREN are becoming prisoners of a "bedroom culture" because their parents fear for their safety outside, according to a new study, March 19 1999.
99-052 @ 3pp

33 kB

Article about: Sex offending against children: understanding the risk, by Don Grubin, Home Office, Policing and Reducing Crime Unit, Research, Development and Statistics Directorate, 50 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1H, SAT, Feb 7, 1999.
99-053 @ 1p    22 kB Note about the Rimm- or 'Pittsburgh' study.
99-054 @ 1p    21 kB Sex abuse statistics report, A Home Office report, February 5 1999
99-055 @ 4pp

34 kB

Verjährungsregelung bei Kindsmissbrauch: Fehlurteile programmiert [in Schwitzerland], aus „Plädoyer" 5/98 Seiten 28-29, durch M. Killias & G. Jenny.
99-056 @ 3pp

37 kB

Conference of the Gesellschaft für Sexualwissenschaft E.V. (Sociiety for scientific study of sexuality), University of Leipzig, Germany, January 23rd, 1999, "Psychosocial aspects of pedophilia".
99-080 @ 8pp Democracy, Trust, Family and Relationships, BBC Radio lecture by Prof. Anthony Giddens.
99-081 @ 7pp Review of: Moral Panic; Changing concepts of the child molester in modern America, by Philip Jenkins. Yale University Press, 1998.
99-083 @B 2pp USA Congress Resolution 107, July 12, 1999, condemning the Rind et al. research report.

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