Not 50% but 0,4% … Summarized

Gieles, Frans; Sep 22 2021
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0,4 Prozent, nicht 50 Prozent Anteil der „pädophilen“ Männer an allen „Tätern“ des „sexuellen Kindesmissbrauchs“, by Filip Schuster,
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by Frans Gieles, PhD, webmaster of Ipce.

 If you defines

°        “man” as any male person older than 18 years and more than 5 years older than the child,

°        “pedophile” as a person attracted to minors up to 17 years of age,

°        “sexual abuse” as any kind of intimate contact, done by

°        a “perpetrator”, a juridical term,

than you might think and write that “50% of male people is a predator of child sexual abuse.


If you defines more correctly

°        “man” as any male person older than 18 years of age,

°        “pedophile” as a person attracted to prepubescent children,

°        not any intimate contact as “abuse”,

°        use the word adult as the adult partner in that contact,

than you may conclude that not 50% but 0,4% of the intimate/sexual acts with children is a male adult.