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Aaronovitch, David, It's time to reform the sex laws and our minds 20 November 2002 The Independent
Priests are not the only paedophiles among us - Why did we allow the abuse in Islington care homes? Why are policemen so well-represented in recent internet child-porn cases?

Aaronovitch, David, Monty, an even nobler warrior than suspected; 'The juxtaposition of sexuality and patriotismis almost as explosive as the connection between patriotism and race', February 2001, The Independent.
So, was Bernie a Bertie? 

Official biographer agrees Monty fell in love with boys, 25th February 2001
Field Marshal Montgomery, Britain's most famous second world war commander, fell in love with young boys, according to his official biographer.

ABC Net, 'Sex crime penalty increase 'nothing to do with Henson'; (Australia), October 26, 2008 
The Law Society of New South Wales has rejected claims that the NSW Government's plan to change penalties for sex offenders was prompted by the artist Bill Henson.
Changes include an increased penalty for possessing child pornography, which can now attract 10 years in jail, up from five. There will also be a maximum 25-year sentence for having sex with a child. 

ABC Net (Australia) / Reuters. Afghan warlords keeping boys as sex slaves: UN;  July 7, 2008 
Afghanistan must do more to end an age-old practice of young boys being 
kept as sex slaves by wealthy and powerful patrons, the UN special 
representative for children and armed conflict said.

Reaction with links; BoyChat, 2008-July-8 

Abrams, Col, Michael Jackson had jab to curb sex urges for young boys; The Mirror (UK), 9 August 2009 
A doctor has revealed how he prescribed Michael Jackson a “chemical castration” drug to suppress his sexual urges towards under-age boys.

The Abuse of Power, From UK Today (Date unknown)
TO JUDGE by much of the media you would think that paedophiles are the main and constant danger to children. They are not.
Each year about 80 children are murdered - 73 of them will be killed by their parents or close relatives. On average only seven children will die at the hands of strangers, and only a couple of these will be motivated by sex.
In fact the stereotype of the 'dirty old man' is far from the truth

Abuse witch-hunt traps innocent in a net of lies, November 26th 2000, author & source unknown.
Public alarm over paedophiles has led to a relentless 'trawl' for sex perverts. David Rose and Gary Horne report on one man whose life was ruined when he fell victim to the wave of panic.
A well documented case to put in your archive for the next article you'll write...

Adler, Amy, The Perverse Law Of Child Pornography, The Columbia Law Review March, 2001 [External link] 
In this Article I raise questions about the censorship imposed by child pornography laws. I argue that these laws, intended to protect children from sexual exploitation, threaten to reinforce the very problem they attack. The legal tool that we designed to liberate children from sexual abuse threatens to enslave us all, by constructing a world in which we are enthralled - anguished, enticed, bombarded - by the spectacle of the sexual child.

Agro, Brittanny & Ruffins, Ebonne, Branded for life; Children's advocates oppose Illinois law requiring juvenile sex offender registry; Medill News Service, 9 December 2006 
While juveniles were responsible for at least 26 percent of all Cook County sex crimes in 2005, a law that requires juvenile offenders to register with local authorities lacks support among children's advocates.

Aleccia, Jonel, The threat of child abuse typically lurks close to home; Spokesman Review, April 8, 2007  
While popular perception warns of "stranger danger" and urges society to protect children from outsiders, law enforcement experts and advocates for abused children say the real threat most often lurks close to home. Nearly 85 percent of abused children are hurt by a parent acting alone or with another person, according to the federal Child Welfare Information Gateway. That includes about 80 percent of sexual abuse cases and nearly 90 percent of neglect [...]

Amiel, Barbara, Question the legislation, not the need, The Times,  March 1988
Legislating against a state of mind and people's individual sexual fantasies seems to me tyrannical. In the era of permissiveness, prostitutes plied their wares, homosexual behaviour was glamourized and magazines lauded fantasy and experimentation. Now, after the tyranny of the libertines, the pendulum is swinging back to the tyranny of the conservatives. I think it would be rather a relief to have no tyranny in this area at all.

Anarchist U, A course: Terror & Sexuality - The announcement of a course given by Anarchist U in Toronto, Canada. The announcement gives some thoughts and relevant questions, as well a list of literature. 

Anderson, James D., How To Survive in Prison as an Innocent Man Convicted of a Sex Crime; ITP Forensics Journal, Volume 9, Numbers 3/4, Summer/Fall, 1997 [!] 
This article includes some strong views that may be surprising and challenging. We have chosen to publish it because we believe prisoners have a right to seek interaction with those outside the prison walls. 
We also believe there are many innocent men and women in prison who are wrongly convicted of sex offenses. They too, have a right to stand up for their innocence. 

Andriette, Bill, Consent and playing with marbles.

Andriette, Bill, Into the Wilderness, Homosexuality & the massacre, The Guide, June 1999
About the Littleton school shootings

Andriette, Bill, The Guide Interviews Camille Paglia; Has the gay movement turned down the wrong path? Bill Andriette talks with Paglia about sex, violence, gay bashing, and liberation. The Guide, January 1999
She says "Contemporary gays who try to distance themselves from this issue of boy-love are in effect committing cultural suicide. They're cutting themselves from all the highest achievements of gay men..... Because I am a woman, and therefore I cannot be charged with man-boy love, I felt I had a moral obligation - and I don't recognize morality in most areas of life - a moral obligation to speak out against this kind of persecution in puritan Protestant culture, this persecution of a sensibility that as far as I can see has been intertwined with the highest achievements of art and intellect since the period of classical Athens."

Andriette, Bill, Castrating the Church; At root, the priest sex hysteria is about extinguishing the male; Gay & Lesbian Review, Boston, 2002 [short version] & The Guide, August 2002 [full text] 
Behind the talk of rooting out "pedophiles" and punishing "abuse," the priest-sex scandal is about extinguishing the male. Not literally of course -- though bio-engineering raises doubts about the future of the sexes, with the male the most efficient to eliminate. Rather the priest scandal is about extinguishing the male psychologically and symbolically. It is about de-legitimizing male moral and political authority, of which the Catholic church is exemplar. It is about subjecting males, based on their sex and sexuality, to a reign of terror and damnation of Biblical proportions. It is about obstructing the underground homo-social processes by which boys become men. If the Catholic church facilitated the castration of thousands boys for its choirs over the centuries, this scandal is a further step toward reducing entire generations in the West to neutered totalitarian subjects.

APA Statement, June 2003:
Oseran, Laurie, American Psychiatric Association Statement: Diagnostic Criteria for Pedophilia; www.psych.org,
June 17, 2003
Pedophilia, included in the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) since 1968, continues to be classified as a mental disorder.

Appleton, Josie, Losing touch; The Guardian, February 9, 2005 
With teachers and carers no longer allowed to offer comforting hugs - or even put on a plaster, their relationship with the children they look after is suffering, writes Josie Appleton.
Comforting a child when they're upset, putting a plaster on them, changing their wet pants - all these everyday ways in which adults care for young children are now seen as suspect.

Appleton, Josie, Don't touch those kids! - spiked-online, February 28, 2006 
New research reveals why teachers and childcare workers now avoid putting a plaster on a child's leg - even though they know the rules are ridiculous. [...]
Some staff realise that they are poisoning their relationship with their charges, and depriving kids of the care and attention they need. One special school, with children as young as five, generally only touched when it was strictly necessary and avoided 'caring touching'. 

Arehart-Treichel, Joan, Pedophilia Often in Headlines, But Not in Research Labs Clinical & Research News, May 19, 2006, Volume 41, Number 10, page 37
Since the average age of child molesters in the United States is 13 years, helping families identify
adolescents who have fantasies about sexually molesting children might help keep those adolescents from acting on their fantasies. 

Arlidge, Carleen R., President of California Attorneys For Criminal Justice, Statement in opposition to Proposition 83; February 14, 2006. 
This proposition is another Jessica's Law style violent sex offender law. 
Proposition 83 would cost taxpayers an estimated $500 million but will not increase our childrens safety. Instead, by diluting law enforcement resources, the initiative would actually reduce most childrens security while increasing the danger for those most at risk. 

Arndt, Bettina, Panic rules reality in child abuse debate, Sydney Morning Herald, 19 March 2002
[..] We have been led by the nose by zealots of all persuasions - from arch-conservatives, self-claimed sexual healers to anti-male crusaders - who played on parental fears to create a panic about sexual offenders, exaggerating their threat to society. [...] 

Associated Press, Ruling won't damage sex offender law; 9 November 2006 
Supporters of a ballot initiative that slaps tough restrictions on paroled sex offenders say a judge's ruling against parts of it won't dilute its effectiveness. 
A federal judge on Wednesday blocked provisions of Proposition 83 prohibiting sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools or parks. The ruling said that and other restrictions in the measure are punitive and cannot be applied retroactively to the state's roughly 90,000 registered sex offenders. Voters overwhelmingly approved the Jessica's Law initiative in Tuesday's election. 

Associated Press, Key Kansas lawmaker: Proposal on sex offenders 'a bad deal'; November 16, 2006 
Proposals for keeping sex offenders from living close to schools or day-care centers may appear attractive politically, but they won't protect children, a key legislator said Thursday.

Associated Press, Priest In Boston Clergy Scandal Denied New Trial; November 27, 2008 
One of the central figures in Boston's clergy sex abuse scandal [Paul Shanley] lost his bid for a new trial yesterday when a judge ruled a victim's repressed memories were rightly used against the defrocked priest.