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Talbot, Margaret, Against Innocence; The truth about child abuse and the truth about children, in: The New Republic 15 March 1999.
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We owe it to our children not to invent them according to our own needs and our own desires. It is our duty to know them as they are, and to nurture and to protect them on the grounds of what they are. Their enchantment is certainly great enough to survive our disenchantment; and our enchantment has anyway not served them very well. They are not pure. They are merely helpless and human.

Talan, Jamie, Richard Gardner and Parental Alienation Syndrome, The debate rages on... Newsday, July 1, 2003
In Death, Can He Survive? Psychiatrist Richard A. Gardner’s theory - used by parents in child custody battles - gained prominence. And critics. [...] 
Gardner developed the syndrome, known as PAS, almost 20 years ago, contending that a child has been alienated from one parent - usually the father - when the other parent makes charges of sexual, physical or emotional abuse. [...]
Gardner offered this definition of PAS
"The programming of the child by one parent into a campaign of denigration directed against the other."

Tatchell, Peter, I'm 14, I'm gay & I want a boyfriend
Fourteen year old Lee tells Peter Tatchell about first sex, boyfriends, coming out, paedophilia, and why an age of consent of 16 won't help under-age gays like him.

Tatchell, Peter, Lower the age of consent, The Guardian, August 1, 2001
Britain's sex laws are in a muddle. An age of consent of 16 criminalises more than half the teenage population. This isn't protection; it's persecution. Even one of the top law lords, Lord Millett, believes the time has come to legislate a lower and more realistic age of consent. His proposal has prompted protest from child protection agencies.

Taylor, Charles, The morality police; Our hysterical attempts to shield kids from images of sex and violence are stunting young lives -- and trapping us all in a Big Lie, Salon.com, June 11, 2001
One of the most unbelievable conversations I've ever had took place a few years ago with a friend, a writer, who was in the midst of preparing for a visit from some relatives, including a young cousin of about 10. My friend told me that he'd gone through his house putting away any "inappropriate" material that his cousin might see. We're not talking porn here, or removing Henry Miller or "The Story of O" from the bookshelves, but stashing the copies of "Esquire" and "Entertainment Weekly" in the magazine pile in his living room. Why, I asked, would you feel the need to hide those? Because, my friend explained, they had swear words in them. I pointed out that the worst thing his cousin was likely to see in "Entertainment Weekly" was, as it's so delicately printed in that magazine, "f _ _ _," something the boy had certainly already heard in the schoolyard. But my friend wasn't buying. Why, he wanted to know, can't magazine articles be written so that they're suitable for everyone?
I felt as if I had been asked to justify why water had to be wet. Here was someone who depended for his living on the right to free speech, who wrote as an adult for other adults, who was advocating the false assumption that lies at the core of the censorious impulse: Children need to be protected from vulgarity and obscenity.

Taylor, Max., The nature and dimensions of child pornography on the Internet; Source unknown, Undated - received 1st June 2002
In this paper I want to focus on some of the factors that can be identified which might help us to understand the problem of Child Pornography and the Internet. 

This is Local London, YouTube rape mum arrested; April 1, 2008 
A mum-of-five who claimed she was gang raped by a group of teens who posted a video of the incident on YouTube has been arrested in connection with the incident. 
In a shocking twist, the 24-year-old currently living in temporary accommodation in south-west London with her partner and young children, was arrested on Friday on suspicion of having sex with a minor and perverting the course of justice.

Thomas, Cal, Judging Michael Jackson and ourselves; Townhall.com, November 25, 2003 
If Michael Jackson did, in fact, as it is alleged, have sex with a minor boy, what's wrong with that? The question is not meant to be cute; I am serious. If a male child was fondled or sodomized by Michael Jackson, why shouldn't he and the boy be allowed the orientation of their choice? If you disagree, who are you to impose your morality on them? 

Thomas, Ray, The Hegelian Principle; By Ray Thomas, 2000 
I've written before about the "Hegelian Principle," which the power seekers have been using with amazing success for a lot longer than I can remember to create support for their power grabs. It's a simple principle. It has only three steps: [...]
Another example of the use of the Hegelian Principle is the so-called "child protection crisis." 
There is no child protection crisis. Child abuse has actually been going down in recent years, while "reports" of it have been rising exponentially. Children have suffered, but in many cases, from the neglect of the "child protectors" for the real cases while they pursue the false ones. 

Thompson, Don, California Narrows Jessica's Law's Reach; Associated Press, November 18, 2006 
County prosecutors and state lawyers on Friday further narrowed their interpretation of a voter-approved crackdown on sexual offenders, saying the initiative's lifetime restrictions
don't apply to criminals who are currently on parole. 

Thorstad, David, Man-Boy Love Then and Now: A Personal-Political Appraisal. 
[This article first appeared in NAMBLA Journal 7 (1986). It was written in 1984 and appears here with a few changes.]
SIX YEARS AFTER THE FORMATION OF NAMBLA, many in the media [...] till express surprise that man-boy lovers have organized to raise public consciousness about their relationships. To some, this proves the inherently degenerate nature of gay liberation. To others [...] the existence of the man-boy love movement threatens their desired image of respectability. They wish it would go away. Both groups seem unaware of the fact that the boy-love movement is not new; it played an important role in the early gay movement in Germany from the late nineteenth century until the extermination of the movement with the triumph of Nazism. 

Thorstad, David, Homosexuality and the American Left - The Impact of Stonewall
[The following article appeared simultaneously in Journal of Homosexuality, vol. 29, no. 4 (1995) and Gay Men and the Sexual History of the Political Left, ed. Gert Hekma, Harry Oosterhuis, and James Steakley (Binghamton, N.Y.: Harrington Park Press, 1995), 319–49.] 
Most left-wing groups have had trouble dealing with the taboo against intergenerational love, although a few have taken a libertarian stand on the issue.

Thorstad, David, Statement on Dismissal of Anti-Free-Speech Suit, 2008, Ipce Newsletter E25, July 2008. 
The case ought to have been dismissed years ago, because it was clear from the start that it lacked all merit. The plaintiffs never even took a single deposition, despite the judge's granting them that privilege. Their harassment of innocent individuals with no connection to their loss of their son (...) and their misguided effort to destroy a legal organization have now ground to a halt. The case was dismissed 'with prejudice,' which means that it cannot be filed again. 
But what does it say about American 'democracy' that such a worthless case was allowed to continue for nearly eight years'

Three Female Teachers Charged With Having Sex With Students; Cases Similar To Lafave Case four Years Ago; [Author & source unknown] - March 26, 2008 
TAMPA, Fla. -- In the past two weeks, three female teachers have been arrested in the Tampa, Fla., area, accused of having sex with male students. [...]
According to the radio report, the 14 y.o. said 'We've had sex at least 10 times...it's great. Leave her be.' Wonder why the newspaper left that out.

Tierney, John, The perils of reform at church, March 29, 2002, New York Times 
[..] I worry that an overreaction to the current scandal will deprive today's boys of the kind of mentors that we cherished — the truly celibate men with the time and the freedom to make big differences in our lives. I spoke with one of them yesterday, and he confirmed my fears.
"Today," he said, "I couldn't spend time alone with a kid the way I did with you. I'd be scared
somebody would get the wrong idea."
Some boy is the poorer for it. 

Tierney, John, Wrong Labels Inflame Fears of Catholics, New York Times March 22, 2002
[...] There has been serious sexual misconduct, but we have exaggerated it by mislabeling it. The image of "pedophile priests" is largely a myth, according to Philip Jenkins,
[...] he says there is no evidence that the rate of pedophilia among Catholic priests is higher than among other clergy or other professions.
Most of the church's sexual abuse cases involve older teenagers above the legal age of consent, Dr. Jenkins said.
[...] They were not pedophiles. You could call them pederasts, using a term that originally meant men attracted to boys up to adulthood, although it has come to be applied to homosexuals in general. The most precise term, Dr. Jenkins said, would be ephebophile someone with a sexual preference for boys or girls beyond puberty but don't expect to see that in many headlines soon.

Trevett, Claire, Teachers can touch children, says union; NZ Herald, September 26, 2006 
The primary teachers' union will tell its members it is all right to touch children to comfort or praise them, in a major shift in its advice about physical contact. 
Examples of appropriate touching included "hugging or placing a supportive arm across a child's shoulders but only when and where needed". 

Tuller, David, Sex between teenage boys and older men is not always coercive -- and it can be more ecstatic than traumatic; Minor report; Salon.Com July 22, 2002 
[....] it doesn't take a huge stretch of the imagination -- at least not of my imagination, nor, as it turns out, the imaginations of other gay men of my acquaintance -- to believe that there are some men whose lives were not destroyed, or may even have been enhanced, by adolescent sex with a priest. They have not gone public, nor would I expect them to, especially in the current environment. But that they exist -- somewhere -- I have little doubt.