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Eberstadt, Mary, Pedophilia Chic - If you thought sex with children was taboo -- think again. The Weekly Standard I-39, 17 June 1996 
a number of enlightened voices have been raised in defense of giving pedophilia itself a second look. After all -- or so some of these voices have suggested -- 

what if pedophilia is in fact a victimless crime? 
What if teenagers, and even children, are more in control of their emotions, their bodies, their sexuality, than the rest of us think? 
What if sexual relations with adults are actually "empowering" to the young?
What if pedophiles and would-be pedophiles are in fact victims themselves -- exploited by the cunning young people they befriend?

Early Childhood Council [New Zealand], Absence of men from childcare 'national disgrace'; 25 September 2006 
'The paedophile hysteria' of the 1990s had caused good men to vacate roles caring for children. 
'We have created a culture in which it can be dangerous to reputation and future for a childcare male to cuddle a distressed child, to change a nappy or express affection. This anti-male bias, however, does not change the fact that children need to experience men as nurturing.' 

Eden, Dan, Crimes Against Children - Why do some people want to hurt children? By Dan Eden - Quotes, with

Gieles, F.E.J., A 'good' example of a bad text - Comments. 

Esser, Kevin, Baggy-pants thuggery & hip-hop burlesque: Clothing as sexual politics in America, Ipce Newsletter E15, March 2003 
Do gay guys wear tight pants so other guys can check out their butts? 
That’s what some teenaged boy wanted to know in a 1996 film documentary dealing with gay issues in the classroom.  How else could he think?  What else could he wonder given today’s dress code of Hetero Correctness?  His question has been answered by many dismal years of American males in oversized, baggy clothing—men and boys hidden from one another, hidden from themselves, hidden from the dangerous reality of their own bodies.