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Jarvie, Jennie, Paedophilia scares threaten future of music teaching, Sunday Telegraph, 6 May 2001
THE headmaster of England's most renowned classical music school has warned that the creative development of young prodigies is being undermined by a culture of suspicion that discourages teachers from touching pupils. Nicolas Chisholm, the headmaster of the Yehudi Menuhin School for young musicians in Cobham, Surrey, told The Sunday Telegraph that the quality of teaching is under threat as tutors are widely discouraged from touching children because of growing paranoia about paedophilia. [...]
Close bonds between gifted pupils and their tutors were crucial, said Mr Chisholm, and necessarily involve physical contact. "Teaching gifted children is tricky because of the modern fear about relationships between adults and children," he said. "There's a constant looking over one's shoulder and a fear of litigation.

Jenkins, Philip, VIEW, Speaking the Naked Truth: Stripping the Bill of Rights; CHRONICLES, Vol. 24, No. 10 October 2000  
Connoisseurs of the odd byways of law rarely find rich materials in the U.S. Supreme Court, where the deliberations usually proceed with dignity and common sense.  For truly asinine judicial misbehavior, we normally have to look at state courts.  Yet this past March, the Supreme Court had before it a case that delighted the late-night comedians and launched a few thousand bad puns.  Specifically, in the case of City of Erie v. Pap’s A.M., This Honorable Court determined that directing the exotic dancers of one Pennsylvania community to wear g-strings and pasties did not violate the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Johnson, Boris, Come off it, folks: how many paedophiles can there be?  (Boris Johnson is MP for Henley), The Telegraph (UK),  09/11/2006 
The problem is the general collapse of trust. Almost every human relationship that was sensibly regulated by trust is now governed by law, with cripplingly expensive consequences. I blame the media, I blame the judges, I blame the lobby groups, and in
particular I blame the cowardly capitalist airline companies that give in to this sort of loony hysteria. 

Jolee, Tamara, Mother that forced her children to have sex with each other sentenced to life; KETK, May 9, 2008
Shauntel Mayo - the woman that organized the "Mineola Swinger's Club" and forced her own children to perform there - was found guilty in a Smith County Courthouse Thursday. 


Extreme sentences demanded, mild court, Ipce Newsletter E 17, August 2004
In this kind of cases, it is routine to establish social, psychological and psychiatric investigation and to ask those experts to advise the court. It is also routine to declare anyone who has even paedophilic feelings to be mentally distorted, to be a risk for recidivism, and to be in need of treatment. So was done in all cases.

Development in the Netherlands; Ipce newsletter E18, February 2005
We see a trend in these and in a lot of other cases. This trend has the following steps.  [...]

Jordan Chandler: MJ did not molest me, I lied! From:  ajsupreme.blogspot.com,  6/27/2009 &  Globalgrind.com. 
"Now for the first time I can’t bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, all was my father lies to escape from being poor.” says Jordan.

Jordan, Elise, Government cannot outlaw sex based on age; It's like 'The Graduate'; Printz, April 04, 2006 
The difference between the Hollywood version and the Debra Lafave case is the other man is really just a boy. He's fourteen. [...] 
I would love it if the media would quit referring to the young man as a victim. He is not a victim. I understand the term is used for political correctness, but the word insinuates he was somehow scarred by these events. He was not scarred. 

Jörns, Gerald, Jugendschützer bilden sich fort,  Gewalt und Kinderpornografie im Blickpunkt, 31.10.2000, Web 
Rund 200 Mitarbeiter der Polizei und der Staatsanwaltschaft sowie Lehrer und andere Jugendschützer setzten sich auf der zweitägigen Jahrestagung der Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Schriften ( BPjS) mit den Wirkungen von Gewaltspielen und den rechtlichen Konsequenzen der Verbreitung von Kinderpornografie auseinander. 
"Solche Sachen gehören nicht in Kinderhände." Mit diesem Plädoyer stellte die Vorsitzende der Bundesprüfstelle Elke Monssen-Engberding noch einmal klar, dass jugendgefährdende Inhalte nichts auf Rechnern von Kindern und Jugendlichen zu suchen haben.

Summaries from
Journal of Homosexuality: 
Same-Sex Desire and Love in Greco-Roman Antiquity and in the Classical Tradition of the West; Volume: 49 Issue: 3/4 2005 
The current article examines empirical rather than clinical data on pederasty, and supplements this with cross-cultural and cross-species perspectives. The empirical data show that pederasty is not only not predestined to injure, but can benefit the adolescent when practiced according to the ancient Greek form. Cross-cultural and cross-species data show the extensiveness of pederasty in the natural world, as well as its functional rather than pathological nature in these societies and species.
An evolutionary model that synthesizes the empirical, cross-cultural, and cross-species data is proposed as an alternative to the highly inadequate feminist and psychiatric models. The animal data suggest that the seeds for pederasty were planted at the dawn of humanity. The human data suggest that pederasty came to serve a mentoring function. [Rind]

JOY, The JOY Manifesto, Australia 2002
Successful Jolly radical activism demands accurate communication of our idea. In order to express this adequately we were obliged to create our own language where necessary, for example to coin a few words, etc. Our actual motivational advocacy and goal is Child Emancipation.

Judd, Dorothy, 'Did they think I had kidnapped him?'; The Guardian, July 21, 2008 
Dorothy Judd was reported to the police for simply playing in the woods 
with her five-year-old grandson. Now she is afraid to be alone in public 
with him.