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In the name of the children; Anti-porn crusaders hide behind our kids; USA: Press comment: (source unknown), March 27th, 2001
The Children's Internet Protection Act is nothing more than the latest offensive in the moralistic jihad against pornography. It is a key offensive in the culture wars camouflaged by the twisted rubric of 'protecting children.' Shame on its soldiers. This war exploits children by using their collective innocence as a rhetorical shield in a vicious verbal crossfire that has simply *not yet* spilled over into anti-abortion style violence. 

Interpreting the Satanic Legend, Journal of Religion and Health, Vol. 37, No 3, Fall 1998, pp. 249-263.
It is argued that the recent hysteria about Satanic cults can best be understood as a moral panic and an urban legend. Data from a wide variety of sources, including the author's own personal experience, are brought forward in support of this thesis. It is then suggested that if we are not to remain at the mercy of the anxieties and distortions that produced this moral panic, we must interpret the legend. The interpretation that is offered is that this most recent outbreak of panic about Satanism is specifically about a growing awareness of the ubiquity of intergenerational Eros.

Ipce, - Indigo children, Ipce Newsletter E 24, march 2008. 
This is a new word for children who are clairvoyant. Indigo is one of the colors in their aura, the prevailing one. They were already born back in the sixties, but not many people listened to them, or understood them, so they were quite unlucky. [...] 
Characteristic for these children is their authenticity. They maintain their feelings and opinions intact and it is not possible to manipulate them. This might change society.

Ipce Newsletter, 

Australia debates about child nudity - "The evil is in the eye of the beholder", # E25, July 2008. 
1. The Bill Nelson case 
2. The case of the girl on the cover of Arts Monthly Australia  
Since May 2008, two publicly showed photos of naked young children have started a public debate in which, among other questions, fear of child nudity and artistic freedom combated. Even the Prime Minister, but also the photographed children play their role in this debate. The two cases were an exhibition of photos of artist Bill Nelson and the cover photo on the magazine Art Monthly. We follow the cases by giving quotes from the media. [...]
What we hear is: 'Do not listen to the child, the victim. Listen to the victimologists. They know better.'
However: the evil is in the eye of the beholder.

Fear of photos - Some cases & a broad overview & analysis - # E25, July 2008. 
Police is using anti-terror laws to catch 'pedophiles' - that is: everyone who photographs a child. They rely on a public opinion that fears that a photo might be give someone pleasure, that the photo might be placed on the internet and, thus, might pleasure other 'pedophiles', which is a shame, a scandal and a disaster per se. If child nudity is included, a moral panic awakes in the public. 
So, our children are effectively taught that nudeness and body pleasure is evil, wrong, dirty and perverse.

Irvine, Martha & Tanner, Robert; Sexual misconduct plagues US schools; AP counts 2,500 teachers punished in 5 years; AP  October 20, 2007 
An Associated Press investigation found more than 2,500 cases over five years in which educators were punished for actions from bizarre to sadistic. [...]
Abuse also is treated with misplaced fascination in American culture. 

Israely, Jeff (Rome) and Van Biema, David (New York), The Pope's Sex Abuse Challenge;  Time. April 11, 2008 
Benedict's is the first papal trip to the United States since the priest sex abuse crisis erupted in 2001. It is a controversy that has left much of the American laity bitterly disillusioned with their Church's leadership. For many of the 67 million American Catholics, how the Pope confronts the lingering fallout from the pedophilia scandal may largely determine the success of this visit.