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Landesman, Peter, The Girls Next Door
; The New York Times Magazine, 25 January 2004
Because of the porousness of the U.S.-Mexico border and the criminal networks that traverse it, the towns and cities along that border have become the main staging area in an illicit and barbaric industry, whose ''products'' are women and girls. On both sides of the border, they are rented out for sex for as little as 15 minutes at a time, dozens of times a day. Sometimes they are sold outright to other traffickers and sex rings, victims and experts say. These sex slaves earn no money, there is nothing voluntary about what they do and if they try to escape they are often beaten and sometimes killed.

With six critics on this article about sex slavery in the US and Mexico - Jack Shafer.
Landesman's notion that every third block in the country harbors a sex-slave brothel can be traced to his reliance on well-meaning sources in government, activist circles, the religious community, and academia whose moral fervor causes them to stretch the truth to make their points about the abomination of sex slavery. Landesman appears to have fallen captive to these sources, internalized their views, and channeled their agenda into the pages of the Times Magazine

Larsen, Jytte, Classical Feminism Continues to Create Pedophile Panic; Women and Men, an epoch-making book by University of Copenhagen Professor Henning Bech ; A translated [from Danish] review, in FORUM, 9 May 2005 
It is rare that a Danish male professor writes critically and competently on female and gender research. But according to this FORUM’s reviewer, that is precisely what professor Henning Bech has accomplished with his work Women and Men, a book that pounds away at ritual thinking and dogmatic conventions. Bech is especially celebrated for his research on male homosexuality. This FORUM’s reviewer, historian Jytte Larsen, has read the book and been enlightened, astonished, and provoked.

Lawton, Frederick, The Abuse of Child Abuse, The Spectator Nov 1, 1997; Frederick Lawton says there is now hysteria surrounding the whole subject of paedophilia

Legge, Joe, "I'm Scared "; Sex Offender Fears New Law; WDEF-TV News 12, Jun 30, 2006 
Thousands of sex offenders living in Georgia may soon be forced to moved. [...] 
He's rebuilt his life... Getting married, buying a house, and landing a good job. Now, John's life stands to be torn apart again, thanks to a new Georgia law. [...]
Georgia will prohibit sex offenders from living, working, and loitering within a thousand feet of anywhere children gather... like a school, church, park, or even a school bus stop. These rules will force thousands of sex offenders to relocate.

La Libération, Trois soixante-huitards dénoncent un « procès stalinien », Tiré du « Libération » de vendredi, 23 février 2001, p. 4
« Je dois vous avouer que j'ai été assez tôt ``adultophile'' et que mes premières aventures sexuelles datant de l'âge de 13-14 ans avec une femme bien plus âgée que moi me faisant tomber sous le coup de la loi...

Letourneau, Mary Kay

Letourneau, Mary Kay, accouche d'un deuxième enfant de son ami Vili, age aujourd'hui de 15 ans.
Bien que le jury américain ait condamné Mary Kay d’avoir violé son élève Vili âgé de 13 ans, le teenager ne tenait plus de joie quand on lui a annoncé la naissance de son second enfant.
Rappelons que le jeune amoureux a 15 ans pendant que la maman en compte 36...
Vili se trouve, actuellement, à Paris, à l’occasion de la parution de son livre édité aux éditions Fixot: “Mon seul crime était d’aimer...”

Quotes from some articles about Mary Kay Letourneau, Ipce newsletter E18, february 2005
Mary Kay Letourneau, the teacher convicted for having sex with a sixth-grade student, was released from prison Wednesday, and her 21-year-old victim quickly sought to get back together with her. [...]
Mary Kay Letourneau, the former schoolteacher jailed for more than seven years for having sex with a 13-year-old student, says she and the now-grown former student are engaged to be married.

Letourneau engaged to 21-year-old former student 
Feb. 9, 2005 - (CNN) — Mary Kay Letourneau, the former schoolteacher jailed for more than seven years for having sex with a 13-year-old student, says she and the now-grown former student are engaged to be married.

Kuehl, Michael, 

Women as "Rapists" and "Pedophiles": Why Mary Letourneau served more time in prison than the average male convicted of murder; 2004 
The women are vilified as "pedophiles" and "child molesters" for having sex with teenage males as old as 16 and 17 who might be 6',4" with 10-inch penises and outweigh their "abusers" by 50-150 pounds. They're described as "rapists" and perpetrators of "sexual assault" when there's obviously no "use or threat of force or violence" to secure compliance and their definitional "victims" are perfectly willing and knowing participants. Most insanely, both in the media and under the law, the women are guilty of "rape" and "sexual assault" even when they're raped and sexually assaulted by their theoretical "victims." As we'll see, I'm talking about actual cases, not hypothetically.

Short version is in Ipce Newsletter E 18, February 2005.

Loony Wisconsin; 2004
If anything, famously "progressive" Wisconsin is even battier than the "Land of Loons." Since at least 1997, women have been sentenced to jail and even prison not only for having sex with young men as old as 16 and 17 but also, even more appallingly, for acquiescing to intercourse and "sexual contact" with criminals and predators who raped and assaulted them.

Levy, Ariel, Dirty Old Women; Teenage boys have always lusted after attractive teachers, but what happens when the teachers lust after the boys? New York Metro, 22 May 2006 
An overview of several cases and background information. 

Levine, Judith, A Question of Abuse, Mother Jones, July/August 1996
An influential group of therapists is promoting a new scare: children who molest other children. Those who question the murky evidence are said to be in denial. But it is the kids, taken from home and given intense therapy, who might be sufferering the most. 

Levine, Judith, Poli Psy; , The Public; Uses & Abuses of Emotion; Ocober 25, 2006 
It's hard not to relish the spectacle of the Republicans' hoist on Mark Foley's quivering petard. But the pleasure wanes as the sanctimony rises -- a chorus of politicians, pundits and reporters all singing the words child protection
[...] As I said, the words child and protection lose all meaning.

Levine, Judith, The Romance a Teenage Camper Couldn't Have Today Summer of Love, in: Village Voice, Week of July 3 - 9, 2002
This is an innocent story. In 1967, the summer before my 15th birthday, I fell in love. It was my first intense erotic love, and its object was the photography counselor at camp -- a lean, bearded, blue-eyed guy I'll call Jake. He was 26. Nothing sexual happened. Still, I think of those two months as the summer of my panouissement, a French word meaning blossoming or opening, which also means glow. Jake took hundreds of pictures of me, and his affirmation and his camera opened me to myself. They helped me begin, sexually, to glow.
If the same events had occurred in 2002, they would not be viewed as innocent. The adults around me would write my chaste romance as a perverse tale, casting Jake as a predator and me as his hapless, clueless prey. Had I started my sex education with good-touch-bad-touch lessons in kindergarten or listened for a decade to media reporting on a world allegedly crowded with sexual malefactors sniffing the world for young flesh, I might even have believed that my friend and mentor Jake was one of them. That sweet idyll would have been, instead, the summer of my victimization. And instead of opening me, Jake's attentions might have closed me down in fear and confusion.

Lewis, Paul; Three British evangelicals cast blame on each other in trials over child abuse at Albanian orphanage; The Guardian, 27 October 2008 
Three evangelical Britons, including the director of the orphanage, David Brown, have been accused of abusing children in their care. 

Lilly, Patrick L., Defining adulthood, in: The Arlington Morning News, 8 July 2001
To the Editor:
A million thanks for Michael Landauer's editorial on double standards regarding adulthood (“Mixed messages—a rite of passage,” AMN, 1 July). It's about time people starting pointing out the illogic and hypocrisy of our laws in calling people “adults” for purposes which hurt them, while still denying them the status of “adults” for purposes which work to their advantage.

Lipman, Lisa, UMASS professor advocates pederasty, Associated Press November 26, 2000
William Armstrong Percy III says that when he was 14, he seduced a male soldier while traveling on a train.
"I never got enough sex with an older man. I don't see that I was harmed at all, except being deprived of not having more," said Percy. "I was already the aggressor."
Percy, now 66 and a history professor at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, is known for his disarming bluntness on gay issues. His own sexual experiences - which he estimates number more than 10,000 - contributed to his belief that the age of consent between men and boys should be lowered to 14

Lithwick, Dahlia, Vile, Vile Pedophile - Is child molesting a sickness or a crime? Slate.msn.com, Jan. 7, 2004 
Sick or twisted? [...] Is pedophilia a disease to be treated, or a crime to be punished? Are people who seduce minors sick or evil? 

Loller, Travis, Ex-teacher may not see anything wrong with abuse, expert says; Psychologist: Female abusers view boys as soul mates; The Tennessean / Dickson Herald; April 14, 2006
Pamela Rogers, 28, gained international attention and had to give up her career in teaching last year when she pleaded no contest to having sex with a 13-year-old former student at Centertown Elementary. Released from jail early two months ago, she faces up to seven years in prison after being charged with posting messages to and about the boy on her MySpace.com Web site.
Older women who get involved with teenage boys often "see the relationship with the teen as a romantic relationship, rather than abusive," said Donna Moore. 

Lotfus, Elisabeth:
Memory researcher Elizabeth Loftus wins American Psychological Society award; defends the Rind team and Lilienfeld, and criticizes the American Psychological Association.
The FMS (False Memory Syndrome) Foundation Newsletter of July/August 2001, 10/4, gives the text of a speech by memory researcher Elizabeth Loftus, who helped discredit recovered memories. Loftus received an award from the American Psychological Society.
In her speech, she mentions the Rind et al controversy and Lilienfeld. Below, 

first an introduction by a newsletter editor, 

then a news flash about Loftus winning the award, 

then Loftus's acceptance speech.

Love, Norma, Sexual predators, living wills among new laws; Associated Press, December 29, 2006 
First-time child molesters could be locked up for a minimum of 25 years in prison -- and potentially indefinitely afterward -- under a tough new law taking effect Jan. 1 [2007].

Lyons, Robert & Knight, Simon, A Critical Look at Children's Rights, 2 May 1997, Generation Youth Issues
There is a process going on whereby the 'empowerment' of children is causing boundaries between public and private domains to be eroded. This is resulting in a shift in power from the family to the state.
These developments need to be explored to find out if they are as progressive as they seem. We will examine the unquestioned wisdom that children should have rights and then explore whether there really is a conflict of interests between parents and their children. Finally, we go on to examine whether this legislation really will benefit children or achieve the aims set out for it.