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Added: September 2011

Keywords: Sexuality, society

Sex and Society

Sex Atlas, 1983, The Continuum Publishing Company, New York

Haeberle, Erwin J.
Type of WorkEncyclopedia

Britten's Children

The Observer, The Guardian

Mars-Jones, Adam
Issue04 June 2006
Type of WorkBook review

The trouble with boys

Lebrecht, Norman; May 10 2006
Type of WorkColumn
Keywords: Boy-love, Japan

Shota: Japanese 'boylove' vs. Western subculture

wanpaku; Mar 14 2006
Type of Workessay

The Science Of Sexual Orientation

Finkelstein, Shari, & Schorn Daniel; Feb 11 2009
Type of WorkBackground article

Virginia high court rules against device gauging sexual arousal

The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk

McGlone, Tim
Type of WorkNews item
Keywords: Pedophilia

Paedophilia is not a crime

Willet, M.
Type of WorkEssay

How bad was J.M. Barrie?

Picardie, Justine; Jul 13 2008
Type of WorkEssay
Keywords: Absurdities


Type of WorkOverview

The history of Ipce

Ipce; Sep 15 2011 Abstract

Added: August 2011

Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness

Greenberg, Gary; Dec 27 2010 Abstract
Keywords: online, papers

Archive for Sexuality - Papers online

Haeberle, Erwin J.

Bibliography of Homosexuality 1984–2010 (link)

Knobel, Paul Abstract
Keywords: bibliography, online

Archive for Sexuality - bibliography of online books

Haeberle, Erwin J.

Glossary of Inappropriate Scientific and Professional Terms

Haeberle, Erwin J. Abstract

Myths and misconceptions about sex offenders.

The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality.

Fedoroff, Paul J., & Moran Beverley; Sep 01 1997
NotesOne of the clearest articles addressing the current sad state of affairs regarding valid research on the topic of pedophilia.
Type of WorkResearch overview