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Added: July 2011

JM Barrie now seen as "a monster"

Gilbo; Aug 10 2008
Type of WorkComment

Letter to Obama

Marbury, Alex; Apr 27 2008
Type of WorkLetter

Of Myths And Monsters

The Cypress Times

Logue, Derek W.; Nov 24 2009
Type of WorkEssay
Keywords: Polygraphy

The Polygraph Paradox

The Wall Street Journal

Cohen, Laurie P.; Mar 22 2008 Abstract

Misinterpretation of a Primary Prevention Effort

Child Abuse Accusations, 6(2), 96-107. (1994).

Underwager, Ralph, & Wakefield Hollida; Jan 01 1994
Keywords: Pedophilia


Yuill, Richard, & Evans David T.; Jan 01 2006
Type of WorkEncyclopedia Extract

Zero Tolerance For Six Year Old Predators

Steyn, Mark; Apr 27 2008
Type of WorkColumn

The Kindergarchy - Every child a dauphin.

The Weekly Standard

Epstein, Joseph; Jun 09 2008 Abstract
Keywords: False memories

Experts able to plant false memories in minds

Andrews, University St Abstract
Keywords: satire, witch hunt

Jackboot Jacqui brings back the ducking stool

Littlejohn, Richard; Sep 16 2008
Type of WorkSatire

Truth test' to uncover false rape allegations

Bennetto, Jason; Oct 31 2000
Type of WorkNews item, research

Child Abuse Increases Risk

Schwarz, Joel; Oct 21 2008 Abstract

Perversion or personal preference?

Favreau, Alyssa; Nov 10 2008 Abstract

Don't 'be alone with other people's children'

Daily Times

Boykin, Sharahn D.; Dec 07 2008 Abstract

Will "revolutionary" Diana Screen End Pedophile Menace?

Franklin, Karen
Type of WorkBlog

The Sambia Tribe (of Papua New Guinea)

Type of WorkEssay
Publication LanguageEnglish

Socrates & I : Reflections On Childhood And Philosophy

Bloch, Enid; Mar 26 2004
Type of WorkEssay

Added: June 2011

Keywords: Child sexuality

Children who are sexually active

Ipce Magazine

Ipce; Jun 27 2011
Type of WorkReader
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywords: ritual, satanic

Numerous "ritual abuse" cases in Bakersfield / Kern County, California (1982)

Vera, Diane Abstract

Sexual abuse of children: MEPs want to criminalise "grooming" on the Internet

Parliament, European Abstract
Keywords: NAMBLA

Thoughts on NAMBLA

Ginsberg, Alan
Type of WorkEssay
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywords: culture, pregnancy, Youth

The Myth of Rampant Teenage Promiscuity

New York Times

Parker-Pope, Tara; Jan 27 2009
IssueJanuary 27, 2009
Type of WorkArticle
Publication LanguageEnglish
Refereed DesignationDoes Not Apply