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K., Wolfgang K. & S., Paul


  Zur Notwendigkeit pädophiler Selbsthilfegruppen (1997/1998).



My father and I made love for years - he is now in jail...
Kevin - Male - 14 - 16 - United States - 07/10/2001



Comment on:
The Journal of Psychology (2001, 135, 1, 17-36) carries a 'Meta-analysis of published research on the effects of child sexual abuse (CSA)' by Elizabeth Paolucci, Mark Genuis and Claudio Violato, which reviews 37 good-quality studies.




 Theories of child porn's harm 


Author unknown


A relatively narrow debate, and no wonder, Source unknown, January 2001


About a boy; in: Student Magazine of the Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand, December 2004  


Abuse witch-hunt traps innocent in a net of lies, November 26th 2000, source unknown.


Abusing Children. The Guide, August 1999 (editorial).


'Alice' author exposed; Alice Liddell posed for Lewis Carroll BBC News, 31 October 2001


Beatings, not sexual abuse, turn child into a criminal; January 7 2003, 


Boys Starting Puberty Early, Study Finds, 14th September 2001


British toddlers are becoming fatter, 7th February 2001


Car Ban Proposed for Convicted Sex Offenders; DwWorld, 17 October 2006 


The Record, Child suicides on the decline; The Record, June 11, 2004


Children often fabricate stories of sexual abuse, 29 May 1996, source unknown.


Countess in jail for loving... minors, in: Vendetta, 28 April 1976


DA prosecutes mom who gave teen son condoms, USA: 14th January 2001


Dear Dr Laura
Open letter to Dr. Laura penned by a US resident, which was posted on the Internet.


'Dr. Laura' debacle won't go away as vetoed article dispute reveals, From "The National Psychologist: The Web Site of The Independent Newspaper for Practitioners", vol. 10, no. 4, July/August 2001,


German Politicians Propose Internet Registry for Sex Offenders; DwWorld, 13 October 2006 


Give me a break folks; This is totally insane, as are all the other sex offender hysteria laws; The Sun, 24 December 2006 - Author unknown; supposedly comment by a reader.


How Our Paranoia About Paedophilia Is Compromising Bonds Of Trust, Obsession that now blights every man's love for a child; 7th December 2000 [source unknown]


In the name of the children; Anti-porn crusaders hide behind our kids; USA: Press comment: (source unknown), March 27th, 2001

  Jordan Chandler: MJ did not molest me, I lied! From:,  6/27/2009 & 


Key Provisions of new California law, Aug 2006


Kids and sexuality: An immodest proposal, Dec 15th 2000, source unknown


Letter to the Editor, Aug. 2, 2000


Letourneau, Mary Kay, accouche d'un deuxième enfant de son ami Vili, age aujourd'hui 
de 15 ans. 


Male Sexuality Mentoring - A Positive Model for Intimate Boy - Older Male Relationships - Sent to Ipce - author, source & date unknown.


Mexico Passes Anti-Child Sex Law; Prensa Latina, December 27, 2006 


No evidence of alleged pedophile 'ring', police say, Canada, August 23rd 2001 


No touch at all  2002
This is a report on a field observation of year one teachers and their students at a beach outing


NSPCC report: a picture of innocence? 


Official biographer agrees Monty fell in love with boys, 25th February 2001


PA Sex Police Nab Kids - Child felons convicted. The Guide, August 1999.


Principles of Non-Violent Warfare - Author & source unknown 


Ramadan, boys & more 


Scared silly, 14 March 2001 (about Furedi's book)


Streets safer for children than ever before, 11th June 2000, source unknown


Survey indicates children more sexually active, source unknown.


Swallows, Amazons... prisoners, July 15 2000, source unknown


Teens Before Their Time, October 20th 2000, source unknown.


The Abuse of Power, From UK Today (Date unknown)


The History of Sexuality - About Foucault


Three Female Teachers Charged With Having Sex With Students; Cases Similar To Lafave Case four Years Ago; [Author & source unknown] - March 26, 2008 


UK Reoffending statistics, Daily Telegraph, 23rd March 2001.


USA research says: Study ties girls' body weight to early puberty, 30th March 2001, author & source unknown


Wann haben Sie Ihr Kind zum letzten Mal umarmt? Freie Übersetzung von: A cuddle a day can keep a life of crime at bay 


What Ever Happened To Play? 22nd April 2001


When a Picture is Worth a Thousand Worries, Canada:, December 26th 2000


Youths are liberal towards child sex, 24 November 2000, Nordic newspaper.

References & Abstracts. List of references from psychINFO database. 

Research into positive aspects of adult child sexual relations. Bibliography.

Research on pedophilia in academia, and writings on pedophilia in heavyweight journals -- an internet research-guide for students and scholars. Bibliography.

Various articles Sunday Times


Press Agencies

Associated Press, 


Re-arrest Less Likely for Sex Offenders; Filed at November 16, 2003


Ruling won't damage sex offender law; 9 November 2006


Key Kansas lawmaker: Proposal on sex offenders 'a bad deal'; November 16, 2006

  Kids allegedly had sex in classroom during assembly about killing; March 30, 2007 
  Father drops off 9 kids under safe haven law;  September 25, 2008 
  Grandma says boy was capable of killings; She says father & step-mom were too hard on the 8-year-old child; November 26, 2008 
  Priest In Boston Clergy Scandal Denied New Trial; November 27, 2008 
  Home Office Report says: Most child sex attacks committed by relatives, family friends. AFP, February 1999
  Adults 'too afraid' of youth work;  2007/10/16; 
Adults are often too scared to work with young people for fear of being branded a paedophile, according to a new report.
Cincinnati Enquirer, The 
  Ohio church: No kissing, tickling allowed;, August 11, 2008,
  Court sides with mother in whipping case. Indiana justices overturn battery conviction in ruling woman was within her rights when she disciplined son. June 13, 2008,
  8-Year-Old Charged For Sexual Conduct With Sitter;  Jul 28, 2005 



Afghan boy dancers sexually abused by former warlords; November 18, 2007 

Star, The  (Jamaica)
  Kids' 'Sex Party' Crashed; Eight naked primary students caught starting freaky act., 6 March 2009,
  Sex offender treatment in demand for kids;  March 6, 2008 
  Court reverses spanking ruling, ends family's nightmare. Judge: 'We are unwilling to prohibit corporal punishment'. , June 2, 2008