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Added: July 2012

Meet pedophiles who mean well

Clark-Flory, Tracy; Jul 01 2012 Abstract

The 17-year-old Child An Absurdity of the Late 20th Century

Graupner, Helmut
Type of WorkKeynote lecture

Pornography and Sex Crimes in the Czech Republic

Archives of Sexual Behavior

Diamond, Milton, Jozifkova Eva, & Weiss Petr
Volume2010 Nov 30
Type of WorkResearch report
Publication Languageeng, rus
Keywords: Pedophilia, research

Next parts of Vogt's book

Vogt, Horst
Place PublishedLeipzig
PublisherPabs Science Publishers
Extent146 pp
Research report
ger, eng

The Unfair Criminalization of Gay and Transgender Youth

Hunt, Jerome, & Moodie-Mills Aisha C.; Jun 29 2012
Type of WorkEssay & Report

Harmful to Minors

Levine, Judith
Place PublishedU.S.A
Extent304 pp.
ISBN Number3-8255-0347-X

Chemical interventions and ethical side-effects: from pedophilia to depression. Where are the ethical boundaries of treating mental illness by neurochemical means?

Gilbert, Frederic, & Outram Simon Abstract

The Trauma Myth - Susan A. Clancy - (book review)

Herman, Peter
Type of Workbook review

Added: June 2012

Dutch court forbids and dissolves Association Martijn

Ipce; Jun 27 2012
Type of WorkNews item
Keywords: female offender

Sex Is Evil: Film at 11.

Klein, Marty; May 06 2011 Abstract

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (20 November 1989)

Nations, United; Nov 20 1989 Abstract

Declaration of the Rights of the Child

Jebb, Eglantyne Abstract

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child - History

Wikipedia Abstract
Keywords: DSM

DSM Revision 5 - Comment on Entry for Pedophilia - B4U-ACT

B4U-ACT Abstract

The Cult of Childhood and the Repression of Childhood Sexuality

Paris, Bill Abstract

Added: May 2012

Making Punishments Fit the Most Offensive Crimes

Efratie, Amir; Oct 23 2008

The Origins of Peace and Violence (Website) Deprivation of Physical Affection as a Main Cause of Depression, Aggression and Drug Abuse

authors, Several
Type of WorkWebsite

Child Abuse in America: Slaughter of the Innocents

Prescott, James W.; Oct 01 1977 Abstract