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Added: May 2012

Added: April 2012

Ethical Treatment for All Youth (Website)

Type of WorkWebsite

Added: March 2012

Fear of Relapse

Gieles, Frans; Mar 21 2012
Type of WorkShort lecture
Publication Languageeng, dutch

Sex Offender Myths: The Foundation for Sex Offender Laws

Logue, Derek W.; Mar 01 2011 Abstract

The making of a modern-day witch hunt: Book review - Richard Webster’s The Secret of Bryn Estyn

Bristow, Jennie, & Webster Richard; Jan 30 2009 Abstract

Online "predators" and their victims: Myths, realities, and implications for prevention and treatment.

American Psychologist

Wolak, Janis, Finkelhor David, Mitchell Kimberly J., & Ybarra Michele L.
VolumeVol 63(2)
IssueFeb-Mar 2008
Pagination, 111-128

Long-Term Health Correlates of Timing of Sexual Debut: Results From a National US Study

American Journal of Public Health

Sandfort, Theo G. M., Orr Mark, Hirsch Jennifer S., & Santelli John
Keywords: ethics

You would never want to harm a child, would you?

Association Martijn, Ethical Commission, The Netherlands; Mar 01 2012
Type of WorkEthical Statement
Keywords: hysteria, law, pedophile

K-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love, then comes...the POLICE: 12-year-olds investigated for 'sex crime' after they kiss at school

Thompson, Paul; Nov 19 2011

Stopping sexual abuse of Russian kids

The Japan Times

Chelala, Cesar; Sep 11 2007 Abstract

US juries get verdict wrong in one of six cases: study

Staff; Jun 27 2007 Abstract

Circumstantial and preferential

Brown, Kevin; Jun 26 2007
Type of WorkMail message

MEP demands paedophiles travel ban


Staff; May 16 2007 Abstract

False reports of abuse should be dealt with harshly

Tahlequah Daily Press

Staff; Dec 13 2006 Abstract

Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn’t Clear

New York Times

Brown, Patricia Leigh; Dec 02 2006 Abstract

EU will share info to help track sex offenders

Wales News - News - WalesOnline

Shipton, Martin; Jun 16 2006 Abstract