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Added: November 2012

Who needs repression?

The Science Review of Mental health Practice, Vol. 4, Number 2, Fall-winter 2005-2006, pp 66 - 73.

Clancy, Susan A., & McNally Richard J.; Dec 01 2005
Type of WorkResearch report

Added: October 2012

Essay: The Trauma Myth - An Analysis Of The Susan Clancy Interview

Dissident; Sep 11 2011 Abstract

Boylove - From BoyWiki (defunct website)

[Anonymous]; Jun 12 2007

Pederasty in the modern world (now deleted Wikipedia article)


Added: September 2012

The Trauma Myth by Susan Clancy (book review and commentary by Ray Harris)

Harris, Ray Abstract

About the Trauma Myth

Ipce-member; Sep 20 2012
Type of WorkLetter to Ipce
Keywords: DSM-V, hebephilia

Manufacturing Mental Disorder by Pathologizing Erotic Age Orientation

Archives of Sexual Behavior

Tromovitch, Philip; Oct 16 2008
IssuePublishe on line
Type of Workletter to editor

Sexual Preference for 14-Year-Olds as a Mental Disorder: You Can’t Be Serious!!

Archives of Sexual Behavior (published on line)

Green, Richard
Volume2010, March 4
Type of WorkLetter to the Editor

Susan Clancy's Stake Through The Heart Of The Child Sex Abuse Industry

Percy, William A. Abstract

Added: August 2012

Goodbye To All That

Graves, Robert, Bangers, & Mash
Type of WorkExcerpts from a memorial

Scary statistics?

CanCon; Jun 13 2006
Type of WorkShort essay, blog or comment

Portugal: let’s all make it worse

Hume, Mick Abstract

Losing virginity early or late tied to health risks

American Journal of Public Health

Reuters; Dec 04 2007
Type of WorkResearch Report
Keywords: witch hunt

Does America Really Need Its Own Holocaust?

Type of WorkEssay & Letter to the Editor

Added: July 2012

Bemerkungen zur strafrechtlichen Behandlung der Pädosexualität

Dannecker, Martin
Type of WorkEssay
Publication Languagedu, rus

Vogt's book completed

Vogt, Horst
Place PublishedLeipzich
Extent146 pp
Research report
eng, du

Sexuality, Youth Protection & Human Rights

Graupner, Helmut
Publication Languageeng, du

Meet pedophiles who mean well

Clark-Flory, Tracy; Jul 01 2012 Abstract

The 17-year-old Child An Absurdity of the Late 20th Century

Graupner, Helmut
Type of WorkKeynote lecture