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Aaronovitch, David
Monty, an even nobler warrior than suspected; 'The juxtaposition of sexuality and patriotismis almost as explosive as the connection between patriotism and race', 28 February 2001, The Independent.
So, was Bernie a Bertie?
Official biographer agrees Monty fell in love with boys, 25th February 2001
Field Marshal Montgomery, Britain's most famous second world war commander, fell in love with young boys, according to his official biographer.
ABC.net, Australia, 
Indian study reveals widespread child abuse; April 9, 2007 
It's time to reform the sex laws and our minds - 20 November 2002 The Independent
'Sex crime penalty increase 'nothing to do with Henson'; (Australia), October 26, 2008 
ABC Net (Australia) / Reuters. 

Afghan warlords keeping boys as sex slaves: UN;  July 7, 2008 

Reaction with links; BoyChat, 2008-July-8 

Abrams, Col 
Michael Jackson had jab to curb sex urges for young boys; The Mirror (UK), 9 August 2009 
Acheson, Shawn 
Ulrich, Heather; Randolph, Mickey & Acheson, Shawn: 
Child sexual abuse - A replication of the meta-analytic examination
of child sexual abuse by Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman (1998) - 
The Scientific review of Mental Health Practice 4-2, pp 37-51, Fall/winter 2005-2006
Adler, Amy,
The Perverse Law Of Child Pornography, The Columbia Law Review March, 2001 [External link] 
Britain stung at being worst place for children; AFP & Turkishpress.com, 14 February 2007 
Common Myths; What psychology says 
Attraction to younger guys; What psychology says
Agro, Brittanny
Agro, Brittanny & Ruffins, Ebonne, Branded for life; Children's advocates oppose Illinois law requiring juvenile sex offender registry; Medill News Service, 9 December 2006 
Aleccia, Jonel 
The threat of child abuse typically lurks close to home; Spokesman Review, April 8, 2007  
Alley, Oskar
Teens top child porn viewers; 14 January 2005, National Newsstory [New Zealand] 
American Psychologist
American Psychologist March 2002, Volume 57, Number 3, Abstracts
[Special issue about the Rind et al. discussion]
Amiel, Barbara, 
Question the legislation, not the need, The Times,  March 1988
Anda, Robert F., MD, MS*, Vincent J. Felitti, MD, FACP**, Daniel P. Chapman, PhD, MSc*, Janet B. Croft, PhD*, David F. Williamson, MS, PhD*, John Santelli, MD*, Patricia M. Dietz, DrPH, MPH*, and James S. Marks, MD, MPH*:
Abused Boys, Battered Mothers, and Male Involvement in Teen Pregnancy, ELECTRONIC ARTICLE in: PEDIATRICS Vol. 107 No. 2 February 2001, p. e19
Anderson, James D., 
How To Survive in Prison as an Innocent Man Convicted of a Sex Crime; ITP Forensics Journal, Volume 9, Numbers 3/4, Summer/Fall, 1997 [!] 
Angelides, Steven, 
The Emergence of the Paedophile in the Late Twentieth Century; 2005, University of Melbourne 
ANU Blog
Comment: Flawed Research, Misinterpretations and 'Paedophile Neurology' - 26 September 2007 - This a comment on
Paedophiles' brains 'different' - Scientists say distinct differences in the brain activity of paedophiles have been found using scanning technology - BBC News, 24 September 2007 
Anarchist U
A course: Terror & Sexuality - The announcement of a course given by Anarchist U in Toronto, Canada. The announcement gives some thoughts and relevant questions, as well a list of literature.
Anderson, Walter Truett
Uproar Over Child Sex Study Still Going Strong After Two Years,  Pacific News Service, May 30, 2001
Andriette, B
Consent and playing with marbles
Into the wilderness. Homosexuality & the massacre. The Guide, June 1999.
The Guide Interviews Camille Paglia; Has the gay movement turned down the wrong path? Bill Andriette talks with Paglia about sex, violence, gay bashing, and liberation. The Guide, January 1999
 Castrating the Church; At root, the priest sex hysteria is about extinguishing the male; Gay & Lesbian Review, Boston, 2002 [short version] & The Guide, August 2002 [full text]
  Citas sobre pedofilia  
APA Statement, June 2003:
Oseran, Laurie, American Psychiatric Association Statement: Diagnostic Criteria for Pedophilia; www.psych.org, June 17, 2003
Appleton, Josie
Losing touch; The Guardian, February 9, 2005
Don't touch those kids! - spiked-online, February 28, 2006 - Also here: Don't touch those kids!
Where are the Margot Fonteyns?' , Spiked Online, September 22, 2006 
Araji, Sharon 
David  Finkelhor & Sharon Araji, Explanations of Pedophilia: A Four Factor Model; The Journal of Sex Research Vol. 22, No.2, pp. 145-161 May, 1986 
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Humane Sexualität e.V., Archiv
Dr. Rind, Dr. Bauserman, Dr. Tromovitch ... wo die Freiheit der Wissenschaft endet. 
Arcados, traduction de ce site web:
Un Compte-rendu de A Meta-Analystic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples, Bruce RIND, Philip TROMOVITCH, Robert BAUSERMAN 
Archives of Sexual Behavior
Gieles, F.E.J., Is pedophilia a mental disorder? Discussion in Archives of Sexual Behavior; Report
The December 2002 issue is a special about pedophilia.
Arehart-Treichel, Joan, 
Pedophilia Often in Headlines, But Not in Research Labs Clinical & Research News, May 19, 2006, Volume 41, Number 10, page 37
Arlidge, Carleen R., President of California Attorneys For Criminal Justice, 
Statement in opposition to Proposition 83; February 14, 2006. 
Arndt, Bettina,
Panic rules reality in child abuse debate, Sydney Morning Herald, 19 March 2002
Arreola, Sonya, Torsten Neilands, Lance Pollack, Jay Paul & Joseph Catania, 
 Childhood sexual experiences and adult health sequelae among gay and bisexual men: defining childhood sexual abuse - Journal of Sex Research, July-Sept, 2008 
Agustín, Laura María, 
Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry - Zed Books: 
O'Neill, Brendan, The myth of trafficking; Brendan O'Neill, The New Statesman, 27 March 2008


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