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Daily Mail
How the NSPCC faked child abuse stories to generate cash; Daily Mail (UK), 11th September 2007  
Woman who falsely accused her father of rape reveals 'doctors hijacked my mind'; 26th October 2007 
Dallam, S. J.
Science or Propaganda? An examination of Rind, Tromovitch and Bauserman (1998). Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 9(3/4), 109-134.
Dallam, S.J., Gleaves, D.H., Cepeda-Benito, A., Silberg, J.L., Kraemer, H.C. & Spiegel, D.,
The Effects of Child Sexual Abuse: Comment on Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman (1998); Psychologican Bulletin, 127, 6, 715-733, 2001
Davidson, James:
Jones, Peter, How gay were the Greeks? Peter Jones reviews The Greeks and Greek Love: A Radical Reappraisal of Homosexuality in Ancient Greece by James Davidson; Telegraph (UK), December 27, 2007
Davidson, James,

Mad about the boy; Davidson, James, The Guardian, November 10, 2007 

About: ·The Greeks and Greek Love by James Davidson, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2007. 

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Davis, Nick, 
The end of digging; As the Jersey case shows, the modern media never lets the pursuit of fact get in the way of a good story; The Guardian 08-11-14 
De Leon, Virginia & Learning, Sara
A Chilling effect; Virginia De Leon and Sara Leaming, Spokesman Review, April 18, 2007
Dean, Vice
Failure to Protect - America 's Sexual Predator Laws And the Rise of the Preventive State  
In his new book, Vice Dean and Professor Eric S. Janus exposes the broad threat to civil liberties inherent in today's aggressive "sexual predator" legislation.  
Deckwitz, Sjuul
Sax, Marjan & Deckwitz, Sjuul, When You Change the Gender, Reality Changes Too, From Paidika, The Journal of Paedophilia, Issue 8, Special Women's Issue
M.G.Dekadon, M. G.,  (2002), 
DAS PROTOKOLL - Die Vernehmung und Überführung von  Zielperson
Denizet-Lewis, Benoit,
 'Boy Crazy: NAMBLA: The Story of a Lost Cause',  in: Boston Magazine, May 2001
Desire, G.L.
Re-analyzing Rind
Dexheimer, Eric,
 Teacher still marred by unproven sexual misconduct charges; Woman accused of sex with students five years ago got license back but not her job; The American Statesman, August 19, 2007 
Dick, Sandra, 
Protection risks doing more harm than good; Scotsman.com, 18 Jan 2005
Dickerson, Brian, 
Fearmongers still feed on sex offender anxiety; Free Press, August 14, 2006 
Dietz, Patricia M.
Anda, Robert F., MD, MS*, Vincent J. Felitti, MD, FACP**, Daniel P. Chapman, PhD, MSc*, Janet B. Croft, PhD*, David F. Williamson, MS, PhD*, John Santelli, MD*, Patricia M. Dietz, DrPH, MPH*, and James S. Marks, MD, MPH*:
Abused Boys, Battered Mothers, and Male Involvement in Teen Pregnancy, ELECTRONIC ARTICLE in: PEDIATRICS Vol. 107 No. 2 February 2001, p. e19
Dobson, Roger 
The truth about Tweens. Parents 'clueless' about what their children are up to, says new report; Roger Dobson and Martin Hodgson, The Independent, UK, 27 August 2006
Dodson, Chuck, 
The spectacular achievements of media control - A serious take-off of Noam Chomsky's vital "Media Control" speech, now a book; 1994-'97; Nonsilent Press.
Dolan, Kathryn J., 
Pedophilia: Biosocial Dimensions, Springer-Verlag New York Inc., 1990, 594 pages, Jay R. Feierman, MD, Editor, Review
Dolezal, Curtis & Carballo-Dieguez, Alex, 
Childhood sexual experiences and the perception of abuse among Latino men who have sex with men; Journal of Sex Research,  August, 2002
Summarizing quotes (by Ipce) & Conclusion (from the article) 
The article 
Doughty, Steve 
Teach 'the pleasure of gay sex' to children as young as five, say researchers;  Daily Mail, UK, 16th September 2008 
Douglass, Frederick, 
"What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?"  5 July 1852
Downey, Rod, 
Interview with the author on a .wmv file
The Moralist, a novel 
< http://www.amazon.com/Moralist-Rod-Downey/dp/1887650407  >
Hower, Billy, The Moralist: Apology or empathy for pederasty? In: Celebrate!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s super ped! Rod Downey, The Moralist, A review by Tom O'Carroll, Ipce Newsletter E15, March 2003
Jones, Arnold Wayne, Dallas author Rod Downey treads shaky ground with new novel about older man and young boy - The dangerous topic of pederasty; Dallas Voice, 2002
DPA Member
The myths versus the facts 
Drehle, David Von
The Myth About Boys; The Time, July 26, 2007
Dumay, J.M.
Les équivoques du combat contre la pédophilie. Le Monde, 25 March 2000.
The ambiguities in the campaign against paedophilia. English translation of the previous article.
Duncan, Philippa
Kindergarten sex lesson anger;  news.com.au, January 18, 2008 
Dunne, Michael 
Najman, Jake; Dunne, Michael; Purdie, David; Boyle, Francis; Coxeter, Peter; Sexual Abuse in Childhood and Sexual Dysfunction in Adulthood: An Australian Population-Based Study; Archives of Sexual Behavior, Volume 34, Number 5, October 2005 , pp. 517-526(10)
Najman, Jake M., Dunne, Michael P, & Boyle, Francis M., Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adult Sexual Dysfunction; Response to Commentary by Rind and Tromovitch (2007); Archives of Sexual Behavior, December 2006 
Durose, Matthew R. 
Greenfeld, Lawrence A., Recidivism of Sex Offenders Released from Prison in 1994
Patrick A. Langan, Erica L. Schmitt, and Matthew R. Durose, all BJS statisticians, wrote this report. Carolyn Williams and Tom Hester edited and produced it. U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, November 2003
Dyer, Clare,
Alert over false diagnoses of child abuse; Widely-used evidence can be unreliable, judge warns; December 22, 2003, The Guardian.


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