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Nagayama Hall, Gordon C.

Hall, Hirschman & Oliver: Sexual Arousal and Arousability to Pedophilic Stimuli in a Community Sample of Normal Men . Behavior Therapy 26 (1995), pp. 681-694.

Nair, Preetu, 

Media reports on paedophilia in Goa; on a blog, 9 Feb, 2007 

Najman, Jake et alii 

Najman, Jake; Dunne, Michael; Purdie, David; Boyle, Francis; Coxeter, Peter; Sexual Abuse in Childhood and Sexual Dysfunction in Adulthood: An Australian Population-Based Study; Archives of Sexual Behavior, Volume 34, Number 5, October 2005 , pp. 517-526(10)

Najman, Jake M., Dunne, Michael P, & Boyle, Francis M., Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adult Sexual Dysfunction; Response to Commentary by Rind and Tromovitch (2007); Archives of Sexual Behavior, December 2006 

NAMBLA Bulletin, 

Father Shanley; From NAMBLA Bulletin 25-1.

Nathan, Debbie

The Taboos of Touch, AlterNet, April 18, 2002 

Nathan, Debby & Zirpolo, Kyne: 
Zirpolo, Kyle, McMartin Pre-Schooler: 'I Lied' - A long-delayed apology from one of the accusers in the notorious McMartin Pre-School molestation case - Kyle Zirpolo, as told to Debbie Nathan - LA Times, 30 Oktober 2005 

Followed by: How and Why Kyle Came Forward; by Debbie Nathan 

including a condensed transcript of an interview interview with Kyle Sapp, now known as Kyle Zirpolo 

Bright, Susie,  Sex Panic! An Interview With Debbie Nathan; July 6th, 2007 

Naerssen, A.X. van

The Sexual Experience of Young People. Staatscourant 246, 19 December 1996. English translation of a Dutch original.

Man-Boy Lovers: Assessment, Counseling, and Psychotherapy , Journal of Homosexuality Volume 20, 1/2, 1990

Sandfort, Theo; Brongersma, Edward & Van Naerssen, Alex; Man-Boy Relationships: Different Concepts for a Diversity of Phenomena; Introduction to Male Intergenerational Intimacy, Journal of Homosexuality Volume 20, 1/2, 1990

 Naudé, Jonelle

Reconstructing Paedophilia 
an analysis of current discourses and the construct of close relationships. 
Thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Science at the University of Stellenbosch 
Supervisor: Mr C. Petty - December 2005

Neilands, Torsten 
Arreola, Sonya, Torsten Neilands, Lance Pollack, Jay Paul & Joseph Catania, Childhood sexual experiences and adult health sequelae among gay and bisexual men: defining childhood sexual abuse - Journal of Sex Research, July-Sept, 2008 

Nelson, J.A.

Intergenerational Sexual Contact: A Continuum Model of Participants and Experiences. Journal of Sex Education & Therapy 15:1 (1989), pp. 3-12.

Neustatter, Angela,

Sympathy for the Devil? Focus: The paedophile threat; October 20, 2002 The Observer 

New Scientist, 
Sex offenders unlikely to commit second crime;  06 July 2008, Magazine issue 2663 

New York Times, 

Sex Offenders in Exile; Editorial, 30 December 2006


Teacher 'wanted to be teen's sex slave'; May 30, 2008 


Child safety rules 'scare' adults; Newsvote.bbc.com.uk, 13 December 2006 

Nichol, Sara, 

Pervert breaks order after just weeks; Evening Chronicle, March 29, 2008 

Nicolaï, N.J., 
The Consequences of Sexual Abuse of Minors - On behalf of the Commission for Examination of Sexual Abuse of Minors in the Roman-Catholic Church [* in the Netherlands]; In: Rapport Commissie Deetman, Balans, 2011, Part 2. Summary and conclusions in English by Frans E J Gieles, PhD. 

Niemöller, Joost, 

The dissociation circuit; Sloppy thinkers whose dangerous psychological theories resonate in naive circles; A FRONTAL ATTACK; De Groene Amsterdammer, Volume 127, Number 16, 16 - 24 April 1996.
[Interview with] Dr. H.F.M. Crombag, co-author of Recovered Memories and other misconceptions

No touch at all  2002

This is a report on a field observation of year one teachers and their students at a beach outing

Northey, Wayne

Kirkegaard, Hugh & Northey, Wayne, The Sex Offender as Scapegoat, Vigilante Violence and a Faith Community Response; Emory.edu/College.

Nugent, emu

Is it child abuse, gay porn or our literary heritage? Koinos # 35, 2003-1.

Pornografie für homosexuelle oder unser literarisches erbe? Wie 'Rechts' die Diskussion über die Zensur in Australien vereinnahmt hat; Koinos # 35, 2003-1.

NZ Herald, 
The naked truth; October 28, 2008


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