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Uittenbogaard, Marthijn

Interview with Dr. Frits Bernard, a pioneer emancipator; Over a half-century of struggle for boy love; by Marthijn Uittenbogaard, in KOINOS # 48, 2005-4 

Interview mit Dr. Frits Bernard, Emanzipator der ersten Stunde; Mehr als ein halbes Jahrhundert Kampf für die Liebe zu den Jungs; Marthijn Uittenbogaard, in: KOINOS # 48, 2005-4 

Ulrich, Heather; Randolph, Mickey & Acheson, Shawn 
Child sexual abuse - A replication of the meta-analytic examination of child sexual abuse by Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman (1998) - 
The Scientific review of Mental Health Practice 4-2, pp 37-51, Fall/winter 2005-2006

Underwager, Ralph & Wakefiel, Hollida, 

Antisexuality and Child Sexual Abuse, Issues In Child Abuse Accusations, 5(2), 72-77. (1993).

Interview with three boys (with appendix) from IPT, 1992


Unesco Report: Britain and US: worst places for children 
An UNESCO report places the UK an the US on the lowest places of al list of countries, looking to the well-being of children, and places the Netherlands on the top of the same list. 
(1) Britain stung at being worst place for children; AFP & Turkishpress.com, 14 February 2007 
(2) British children: poorer, at greater risk and more insecure; Sarah Boseley, The Guardian, February 14, 2007 
(3) Britain's children are unhappiest in the Western world; Alexandra Blair, timesonline.com, February 14, 2007

Urbaniok F.
Endrass, J., Urbaniok F., Hammermeister LC, Benz C., Elbert T., Laubacher A., et al
The consumption of Internet child pornography and violent and sex offending; in: BMC Psychiatry, July 14 2009


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