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Takenoshita, Yuji, 
Male Homosexual Behaviour Accompanied by Ejaculation in a Free-Ranging Troop of Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata); Folia Primatol 1998; 69: 364-367 
Talan, Jamie, 
Richard Gardner and Parental Alienation Syndrome, The debate rages on... Newsday, July 1, 2003
Talbot, Margaret, 
Against Innocence; The truth about child abuse and the truth about children, in: The New Republic 15 March 1999.     ZIP     PDF
Tanner, Lindsey
 Puberty May Be Tied to Birth Weight, in salon,com, 6 November 200
Tanner, Robert
Irvine, Martha & Tanner, Robert; Sexual misconduct plagues US schools; AP counts 2,500 teachers punished in 5 years; AP  October 20, 2007 
Taranenko, Andriy
Children´s world of prohibited desires; boiler.odessa.net, [Ukraine; date unknown] 
Tatchell, Peter
Lower the age of consent, The Guardian, August 1, 2001
I'm 14, I'm gay & I want a boyfriend
Fourteen year old Lee tells Peter Tatchell about first sex, boyfriends, coming out, paedophilia, and why an age of consent of 16 won't help under-age gays like him.
Tavris, C.
The uproar over sexual abuse research and its findings. Society 37:4 (2000), pp. 15-17.
Taylor, Charles
The morality police; Our hysterical attempts to shield kids from images of sex and violence are stunting young lives -- and trapping us all in a Big Lie, Salon.com, June 11, 2001
Taylor, Max., 
The nature and dimensions of child pornography on the Internet; Source unknown, Undated - received 1st June 2002
This is Local London, 
YouTube rape mum arrested; April 1, 2008 
Thomas, Cal 
Judging Michael Jackson and ourselves; Townhall.com, November 25, 2003 
Thomas, Ray
The Hegelian Principle; By Ray Thomas, 2000 
Thompson, Don
California Narrows Jessica's Law's Reach; Associated Press, November 18, 2006
Thompson, Tanya
Orkney abuse scandal victim to sue for lost youth; news.scotsman.com, September 11, 2006
Thorstad, David
Man-Boy Love Then and Now: A Personal-Political Appraisal. 
[This article first appeared in NAMBLA Journal 7 (1986). It was written in 1984 and appears here with a few changes.]
Homosexuality and the American Left - The Impact of Stonewall. 
[The following article appeared simultaneously in Journal of Homosexuality, vol. 29, no. 4 (1995) and Gay Men and the Sexual History of the Political Left, ed. Gert Hekma, Harry Oosterhuis, and James Steakley (Binghamton, N.Y.: Harrington Park Press, 1995), 319–49.] 
Statement on Dismissal of Anti-Free-Speech Suit, 2008, Ipce Newsletter E25, July 2008. 
Tiefer, Leonore, PhD., 
Outraged; Letter to APA; July 15, 1999 
Tierney, John, 
The perils of reform at church, March 29, 2002, New York Times
Wrong Labels Inflame Fears of Catholics, New York Times March 22, 2002
Tindall, Ralph H., 
The male adolescent involved with a pederast becomes an adult, Journal of Homosexuality, Vol 3 (4) Summer 1978 
Tippet, Sarah
Parents' sexual orientation matters, study finds, Reuters, 27 April 2001
Tremblay, Pierre

Quotes from & reference to:
Social interactions among paedophiles; 2001; School of Criminology, University pf Montreal 

Scharpe, Robin, My Comments, 2003 

Trevett, Claire
Teachers can touch children, says union; Claire Trevett, NZ Herald, September 26, 2006 
Tromovitch, Ph.
Tromovitch, Rind & Bauserman: Adult Correlates of Child Sexual Abuse: A meta-analytic review of college student and national probability smaples. SSSS-ER, April 1997.
Rind, B., Bauserman, R. & Tromovitch, Ph., The Condemned Meta-Analysis on Child Sexual Abuse; Good Science and Long-Overdue Skepticism; In: Skeptical Inquirer July/August 20001, 68-72
Rind, B., Bauserman, R. & Tromovitch, Ph., Meta-Analyse des sexuellen Mißbrauchs; Sie wurde verurteilt, doch war sie gute Forschung und brachte lang-überfällige Skepsis; Aus: Skeptical Inquirer, Juli/August 2001, 68-72
Rind, B., Bauserman, R. & Tromovitch, Ph., Science versus orthodoxy: Anatomy   of the congressional condemnation of a scientific article and reflections on remedies for future ideological attacks' in: Applied & Preventive Psychology 9:211-225 (2000). 
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Rind, Bruce & Tromovitch, Philip, A Meta-Analytic Review of Findings from National Samples on Psychological Correlates of Child Sexual Abuse, The Journal of Sex Research, Vol. 34, No.3, 1997 pp. 237 - 255  
Rind, B., Tromovitch, Ph. & Bauserman, R.,
Condemnation of a scientific article: A chronology and refutation of the attacks and a discussion of threats to the integrety of science, in: In: Sexuality & Culture, 4-2, Spring 2000
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Rind, Tromovitch & Bauserman: A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples. Psychological Bulletin 124:1 (1998), pp. 22-53.

Rind, Bauserman & Tromovitch: An Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Based on Nonclinical Samples. Paper presented to the symposium by the Paulus Kerk, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, December 1998.

Rind, Bauserman & Tromovitch: Étude des conséquences de l'abus sexuel sur enfants, à partir de cas non cliniques. French translation of the above.

Rind, Tromovitch & Bauserman: The Clash of Media, Politics, and Sexual Science: An examination of the controversy surrounding the Psychological Bulletin meta-analysis on the assumed properties of child sexual abuse. Talk presented at the 1999 Joint Annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) and the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) November 6, 1999 (St. Louis MO).
Rind, Bruce; Bauserman, Robert & Tromovitch, Philip, Debunking the false allegation of "statistical abuse": a reply to Spiegel; Sexuality & Culture, 4-2, Spring 2000, 101-111
Rind, B., Tromovitch, Ph., & Bauserman, R., 
The Validity and Appropriateness of Methods, Analyses, and Conclusions in Rind et al. (1998): A Rebuttal of Victimological Critique From Ondersma et al. (2001) and Dallam et al. (2001); Psychologican Bulletin, 127, 6, 734-758, 2001
Rind, Bruce & Tromovitch, Philip, National Samples, Sexual Abuse in Childhood, and Adjustment in Adulthood; A Commentary on Najman, Dunne, Purdie, Boyle, and Coxeter (2005); Archives of Sexual Behavior; December 2006
Trow, Richard, 
Paedophile programmes work; STUFF National News [New Zealand], 03 November 2003 [Study by Ian Labie]
Truett Anderson, Walter
Uproar Over Child Sex Study Still Going Strong After Two Years,  Pacific News Service, May 30, 2001
Tuller, David,
Sex between teenage boys and older men is not always coercive -- and it can be more ecstatic than traumatic; Minor report; Salon.Com July 22, 2002 
Britain stung at being worst place for children; AFP & Turkishpress.com, 14 February 2007 


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