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Waal, Frans de
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Waber. D.P. et al.
Review of: 
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Sex talk 'reduces teen pregnancy rate', The Guardian, January 4, 2002
Walker, K.
A cuddle a day can keep a life of crime at bay. Express Newspapers, 18 January 2000.
Wann haben Sie Ihr Kind zum letzten Mal umarmt? Freie ‹bersetzung von: A cuddle a day can keep a life of crime at bay 
Wall, French
L'Affaire Foley; GuideMagazine November 2006
Warner, Judith
Dude, You've Got Problems; A New York Times Blog, April 16, 2009
Warren, Jennifer
Living with sex offender housing laws; Los Angeles Times, November 1, 2006 
Watson, Steve 
The War On Toddlerism ;Treating children as young as four as sexual deviants, criminals and subversives emphasizes slip towards the police state, infowars.net, December 21, 2006
Richard Webster, 
The Secret of Bryn Estyn: 
Brislow, Jennie, The making of a modern-day witch hunt; spiked-online.com, 30 January 2009 
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Protect The Children, Jul 29 1999
Speech In The House Of Representatives, Thursday, July 29, 1999, condemning the Rind c.s. research reports.
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Wetzstein, Cheryl, 

Quotes & highlights from: 
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This article, "The Child Molestation Dilemma," by Cheryl Wetzstein, appeared in the November 1996 issue and is reprinted with permission from The World & I. 
White, Bill, 
'Deliver Us From Evil' is a heartbreaking look at broken trust;  Seatle PI, November 10, 2006 
The Wichita Eagle, 
Legislature Didn't Get Jessica's Law Right; Editorial, December 26, 2006
Wilcox, Aidan
Hood, Roger; Shute, Stephen; Feilzer, Martina; & Wilcox, Aidan; 
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Wiley, Jennifer
Sex offenders aged 5; 280 primary kids kicked out for indecent behaviour; Lewis Panther & Jennifer Wiley, News of the World, UK, 03/01/2009 
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Anda, Robert F., MD, MS*, Vincent J. Felitti, MD, FACP**, Daniel P. Chapman, PhD, MSc*, Janet B. Croft, PhD*, David F. Williamson, MS, PhD*, John Santelli, MD*, Patricia M. Dietz, DrPH, MPH*, and James S. Marks, MD, MPH*:
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Wilson, Dan, 
Judge takes stand against sex offender registry; Waupaca case raises underage-consent issue; Post-Crescent, May 4, 2006 
Wilson, Paul, 
The Man They Called A Monster, Sexual experiences between men and boys; Cassell Australia Limited, 1981 [External link]
Wilson, Glenn D. & Cox, David N.
The Child-Lovers, A Study of Paedophiles in Society, Peter Owen, London & Boston, 1982
[External link; ZIP files there]
Wilson, Paul

McHarry, Mark,  Two Sane Perspectives on Man-Boy Love, From Gay Community News (Boston), December, 1983, Book Review pp. 1-8; Reviews of 

The Man They Called A Monster, Paul Wilson, Cassell Australia Limited, North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia, 1981, 150pp., $12.00
The Sexual Aspect of Paedophile Relations, Theo Sandfort, PAN/Spartacus, Amsterdam, 1982, 136pp., $12.50
Wisely, John
Brasier, L.L., John Wisely and Suzette Hackney, Free Press Staff Writers, 
Anatomy of a Conviction; In a teacher's child-sex case, legal and child psychology experts question what the prosecution did and the defense didn't. The next call is the judge's; Free Press, December 22, 2006 
Withers, Edwin, 
Victim of false paedophile slurs tells of his torment; peterleemail.co.uk, 2nd August 2008 
Quotes from
Wolak, Janis, Finkelhor, David & Mitchell, Kinberly; 
Internet-initiated sex crimes against minors: Implications for prevention based on findings from a national study; Journal of Adolescent Health, Volume 35, Issue 5, Page 424 (November 2004) 
Womack, Sarah
Child sex 'should not always be reported' - The Telegraph, UK, 16/03/2007
Woo, Elaine
Vern Bullough Obituary; Vern Bullough, 77; Prolific Author Was Scholar of Sex History; LA Times, July 2, 2006  
Worden, Amy, 
Expanded Megan's Law offers wider information to parents; Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau, Dec. 11, 2006 
Wypijewski,, Joann,
Priest Abuse and Recovered Memory; in: September/October, 2004, issue of Legal Affairs.
Crisis of Faith; Carnal Knowledge; The Nation, March 16, 2009 [An article about Father Paul Shanley] 
The Passion Of Father Paul Shanley, in: Legal Affairs - date not mentioned.


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