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Radical Reconsideration of the Concept of Child Sexual Abuse. New Findings by Bauserman, Rind and Tromovitch. Koinos #20 (1998).
Grundlegende Änderung des Begriffs 'Sexueller Kindesmißbrauch'. Neue Erkenntnisse von Bauserman, Rind und Tromovitch. Koinos #20 (1998). 
The Pampered Victim, The Dubious Legacy of Martin Heidegger From Koinos Magazine #22
Kort, Huib & G. G., 
Demons, The Utopian Dream of Safety In: KOINOS Magazine # 27
Dämonen, die Sicherheitsutopie,  In: KOINOS Magazine # 27
Ganaway, G. K.
Lilienfeld, S. O., Lynn, S. J., Kirsch, I., Chaves, J. F., Sarbin, Th. R., Ganaway, G. K. & Powell, R. A.: Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Socio-cognitive Model: Recalling the Lessons of the Past; Psychological Bulletin, 1999, 125-5, 507-523.
Gangloff, Mike, 
Court unseals transcript in sexual abuse case; The document indicates that two boys abused by a teacher were affected mentally by the events; The Roanoke Times, August 04, 2007 
Gardner, Richard:
Talan, Jamie, Richard Gardner and Parental Alienation Syndrome, The debate rages on... Newsday, July 1, 2003
Garner, Richard A., 

Medical Findings and Child Sexual Abuse; IPT Vol 5, 1993

Genius, Mark

Paolucci, Elisabeth; Genius, Mark & Violato, Claudio,
'Meta-analysis of published research on the effects of child sexual abuse (CSA)' ,  Journal of Psychology (2001, 135, 1, 17-36:
Peter: Comment
The Journal of Psychology (2001, 135, 1, 17-36) carries a 'Meta-analysis of published research on the effects of child sexual abuse (CSA)' by Elizabeth Paolucci, Mark Genuis and Claudio Violato, which reviews 37 good-quality studies.

Gersten, Lana; 
Haredim Begin Confronting Pedophilia; The Jewish Daily, October 10, 2008 
Gregory, Lauren,  
Sex offender recidivism less than other felons'; Times Free Press, September 02, 2007 
Gerassi, John:
Mackey, Thomas C.,  "Review of John Gerassi, The Boys of Boise: Furor, Vice, and Folly in an American City," H-Urban, H-Net Reviews, May, 2002.  Introduction
< http://www.h-net.msu.edu/reviews/showrev.cgi?path=156391022082878 >
Gieles, F.E.J.

A 'good' example of a bad text 
Here below, in the blue boxes, are quotes and summaries from an article [... *] In the yellow [yellow] boxes are my comments. By Frans Gieles, PhD

[*] Crimes Against Children - Why do some people want to hurt children? By Dan Eden
Go Dutch - A Practice Sample; Youth and Sexuality in the Netherlands; 
Paper presented at the 19th World Congress for Sexual Health, World Association of Sexology, Göteborg, Sweden, June 2009 
Ethics and intimacy in intergenerational relationships ; ‘First, do no harm’ , By Dr Frans Gieles, In: Ipce newsletter E 17, June 2004 
About 'pedophilia' as a concept. Summary of a lecture, given in Utrecht on 22 January 1997, , introducing a panel discussion on pedophilia at Alcmæon, the Utrecht Faculty Association for the Social Sciences.

Über den Begriff 'Pädophilie' , Zusammenfassung des Vortrags, mit dem der Heilpädagoge Dr. Frans E.J Gieles am 22. Januar 1997 eine Podiumsdiskussion über Pädophilie vor der Vereinigung der Ütrechter Sozialwissenschaftlichen Fakultät, Alcamæon, eröffnete. 

De 'pedofilia' como un concepto
Sumario de un discurso dado par Frans E.J. Gieles Ph.D, el 22 enero 1997, presentado una discusión de panel con respeto a pedofilia, en Alcmæon, el Asociación de Facultad por los ciencias Sociales de Utrecht, los Países Bajos. 

About Recidivism. A meta-analysis. Ipce Newsletter E6 (July 1999).
The struggles about the free will, facts and morality, The debate about the publications of Rind, Bauserman & Tromovitch goes on - a bird's eye view, 1997-2002, In: Ipce Newsletter E 13, June 2002
An explanation of the statistics used in the Meta-analysis.

* Translation into Russian, by Cyril Galaburda
Forget the four percent - Remember the one percent, Aug 08 2017
"I didn't know how to deal with it". Young people speak out about their sexual contacts with adults. NVSH lwg JORis Nieuwsbrief. English translation of a Dutch original.
Is pedophilia a mental disorder? Discussion in Archives of Sexual Behavior; Report
The December 2002 issue is a special about pedophilia.
Lecture, background article, references and web site 15th World Congress of Sexology. June 2001 [External links]
Helping people with pedophilic feelings
Assistance aux personnes en prise avec des attirances pédophiliques
Hilfe für Menschen mit pädophilen Empfindungen
Ayudando a personas con sentimientos pedofílicos
Hoe help je mensen met pedofiele gevoelens? 
Pomoc lidem s pedofilním cítĚním 

'Harmful to Minors' - The perils of protecting children from sex.

Lecture about the book of Judith Levine, Harmful for Minors, The perils of protecting children from sex, 2001. By Frans Gieles
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1 November 2002, Study conference 'Aljen Klamer group', Paul' s Church, "Abuse by definition? Image and reality"

Mister President... The USA is shocked by the research of Rind, Bauserman & Tromovich.

No cure but control. Ipce Newsletter E3 (September 1998)

Science and Morality or The Rind et al. Controversy. The counter arguments replied.

Treatment, self-help and real therapy.
Three personal essays, 2002 [External links]:
Narcissism, A standard diagnosis investigated 

Oedipal Rumble 

What has got into those people?  

There must be a scapegoat; Pitfalls, traps and mistakes in forensic personality investigation, 2006
Short presentation in Ipce Newsletter # E 21
Full text (external link)
'But sir, you are an offender!' - Narrative coercion as method of behavior modification, 2006 
Short presentation in Ipce Newsletter # E 21
Full text (external link)
Research, models and ideology - For example: eleven authors, and ten recommendations; Frans E.J. Gieles, PhD, Lecture, Ipce Meeting July 2008 - Ipce newsletter E 26, November 2008
‘Research has shown…’ - On ideology and science; KOINOS Magazine # 60, 2008 # 4. 
‘Untersuchungen haben gezeigt...’ - Über Ideologie und Wissenschaft;  KOINOS Magazine # 60, 2008 # 4.
Research, models and ideology - How to combat false ideology?
KOINOS Magazine # 62, Summer 2009
This article is based on a lecture given at the annual Ipce Meeting, July 2008. 
Untersuchungen, Modelle und Ideologie - Wie ist falsche Ideologie zu bekämpfen?
In memoriam: Dr. Frits Bernard; in KOINOS # 51 (2006 # 3) 
Zum Gedenken an Dr. Frits Bernard; Dr. Frans E.J. Gieles, in KOINOS # 51 (2006 #3)
Gieles, Bernie et al.: 
The Research of Dr. Michael Baurmann and Dr. Robert Bauserman and their associates.
Gieseking, Dieter
Interview mit Michael Griesemer, Autor des Buches Das Protokoll; Halbgebildeten Fanatikern im Missbrauchsgeschäft irgendwann das Handwerk lege'; In: Campo.
Giroux, Henry A.
Review of Stealing Innocence: corporate culture's war on children, 9.99
Glaser, Danya, 
Child Abuse and Neglect and the Brain, J. Child Psychol. & Psychiat. 41-1, 2000, 97-116
Gleaves, D. H.
Dallam, S.J., Gleaves, D.H., Cepeda-Benito, A., Silberg, J.L., Kraemer, H.C. & Spiegel, D.,
The Effects of Child Sexual Abuse: Comment on Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman (1998); Psychologican Bulletin, 127, 6, 715-733, 2001
Global, The, 
Woman Who Had Baby With 14-Year-Old Boy Gets Probation; Oct 11, 2006 
Goldstein, Joshua R
A Secular Trend toward Earlier Male Sexual Maturity - Evidence from Shifting Ages of Male Young Adult Mortality.
The Globe & Mail, 
The Risk of Registries; 19 April 2006 
Gold, Matea  
NBC resolves lawsuit over 'To Catch a Predator' suicide; LA Times Jun 24 2008
Goldhill, Simon
Images of Ancient Greek Pederasty: Boys Were Their Gods; Images of Ancient Greek Pederasty: Boys Were Their Gods; Times Higher Education (UK), 12 June 2008
Lear, Andew & Cantarella, Eva, Images of Ancient Greek Pederasty: Boys Were Their Gods,  Routledge, 2008. 
Goldsmith, Susan 
Unruly schoolboys or sex offenders? , The Oregonian, July 22, 2007 
Goldstein, Richard
Persecuting Pee-wee, A Child-Porn Case That Threatens Us All, The Village Voice, January 15 - 21, 2003
The Double Standard
This brief excerpt is the beginning of an article in the August 20, 2002 edition of The Advocate. 
Gonzales, Alberto, 
Prepared Remarks of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales at the Project Safe Childhood Conference; Justice Department, US Newswire, December 4, 2006
Goodman, G.S.
Ondersma, S.J., Chaffin, M., Berliner, L., Cordon, I., Goodman, G.S. & Barnett, D.,
Sex With Children Is Abuse: Comment on Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman (1998);
Psychologican Bulletin, 127, 6, 707-714, 2001
Goodman, J.T.
Feldman, W, E Feldman, JT Goodman, PJ McGrath, RP Pless, L Corsini and S,  Bennett: Is childhood sexual abuse really increasing in prevalence? An analysis of the evidence,  Department of Pediatrics, Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Canada; in: Pediatrcs, Volume 88, Issue 1, pp. 29-33, 07/01/1991 Copyright © 1991 by The American Academy of Pediatrics [Abstract only]
Goodstein, Laurie, 
Trail of Pain in Church Crisis Leads to Nearly Every Diocese - NYTimes, January 12, 2003
Goodyear-Smith, Felicity
Rind, Bruce, First Do No Harm: The Sexual Abuse Industry Book Review by Bruce Rind, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Temple University.
For anyone wishing to understand the modern day sex abuse hysteria in terms of its origins, characteristics, and consequences, one could do no better than to read Dr. Goodyear-Smith's book First Do No Harm: The Sexual Abuse Industry.
Google top 5 'sex offender recidivism'; 2007-February-9 on a Forum 
Gordon, Nan, 
It's ridiculous that we treat child nudity as a problem - The Independent (UK), 8 July 2008
Gouvellis, Jim
When adults and children don't mix; Sun Herald, February 9, 2006 
Grace, Kristen A.
Grace, Kristen A. & Vivian, Craig, Moral Education and the Limits of Virtue; Cornell University, PES Yearbook 1999
Graupner, Helmut, 
Sexualität, Jugendschutz und Menschenrechte - Lang, Frankfurt /M. - Doctoral dissertation, Thesis Univ. Wien, 1996
< http://www.graupner.at/e/book.html
Green, Aimee, 
More Walls Await Freed Predators; The Sunday Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), January 7, 2007
Green, Richard, 
Is pedophilia a mental disorder?; Archives of Sexual behavior, 31-6, December 2002.
Greenfeld, Lawrence A. 
Greenfeld, Lawrence A., Recidivism of Sex Offenders Released from Prison in 1994
Patrick A. Langan, Erica L. Schmitt, and Matthew R. Durose, all BJS statisticians, wrote this report. Carolyn Williams and Tom Hester edited and produced it. U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, November 2003
Greer, Germaine, The Boys:
About The Boys, AAP, January 24, 2003 
Griesemer, Michael
Gieseking, Dieter, Interview mit Michael Griesemer, Autor des Buches Das Protokoll; Halbgebildeten Fanatikern im Missbrauchsgeschäft irgendwann das Handwerk lege'; In: Campo.
Michael M. Griesemer - translated, quoted and summarized 
Ausmass und Auswirkungen massenmedialer Desinformation zum Stand der Wissenschaften über sexuellen Kindesmissbrauch - am Beispiel einer tragischen klinischen Entwicklunsabweichung; Arbeitsgemeinschaft Humane Sexualität e.V., Gießen, 2004
Präventionsstrafrecht - oder - Vom Bürger und vom Hexenbrennen - 2010
Teil 1 - Gedicht 
Teil 2 - Hexenprozesse gegen Kinder und sexuell Deviante im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert
Grigoriadis, Vanessa 
'To Catch a Predator': The New American Witch Hunt for Dangerous Pedophiles; Rolling Stone # 1032; Vanessa Grigoriadis, 9 Aug 2009 
Grohol, John M., 
Children Reach Adult Brain Levels Sooner Than Previously Thought; Psych Central News Editor, May, 19, 2007. 
Review of: Waber DP et al. "The NIH MRI Study of Normal Brain Development: Performance of a Population Based Sample of Healthy Children Aged 6 to 18 Years on a Neuropsychological Battery." Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 2007, Vol. 13, pp. 1-18. 
Guardian, The, 
'I cannot admit what I am to myself'; January 23, 2003 The Guardian - Interview
The Guardian & Permalink; 
"Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse"; The Guardian 17 August 2003 &  in Religion | Permalink; 28 November 2008
Gubb, James:
Furedi, Frank, Licensed to hug
Gubb, James; Licensed to hug; Permalink, June 26, 2008 
The Guide 
PA Sex Police Nab Kids; Child felons convicted; The Guide, August 1999.
Abusing children, Editorial from The Guide, August 1999.
Never Again? Dutch police seizes gay archive, The Guide, October 2000
¿Nunca jamás? La policía holandesa agarra archivo gay, The Guide, El octubre 1999
Burning the Library, Dutch government destroys gay archive, vows mass arrests, The Guide, February 2001
Faut-il brûler BRONGERSMA? En détruisant une collection gaie la police néerlandais nous promet des arrestations massives, Dans: The Guide, February 2001, Traduction par Ipce.
Bücherverbrennung; Die niederländische Regierung zerstört ein schwules Archiv
und verspricht Massenverhaftungen, Aus: The Guide, February 2001

Quemar la Biblioteca; El gobierno holandés destruye archivo alegre, los arrestos de masa de votos; The Guide, El febrero 2001

Sex Terror; What's breathing down your neck; The Guide, March 2005, on the Shanley & Lynne Stewart verdicts.


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