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Interview with
Paglia, Camille:
Andriette, Bill, The Guide Interviews Camille Paglia; Has the gay movement turned down the wrong path? Bill Andriette talks with Paglia about sex, violence, gay bashing, and liberation. The Guide, January 1999
Paidika, 1991

Interview: Monica Pieterse   

Pain, Andrew,
 Twenty years on from the Cleveland Child Sex Abuse Scandal; Evening Gazette, July 8, 2008 
Painter, Kim, 
The Sexual Revolution Hits Junior High, USA TODAY , 15 March 2002
Palmer, Alasdair,
 Silenced Wittness, news.telegraph (UK), 24/03/2002
THE disturbing case of Bill Thompson, a criminologist specialising in child abuse, and a police search for pornography. Why was his home raided when he has legal protection?
Palmer, Ken: 
Biological Basis for False Memories Revealed; Did you really see that? An image from a test for false memories developed by Ken Paller and colleagues of Northwestern University.
Panther, Lewis
Sex offenders aged 5; 280 primary kids kicked out for indecent behaviour; Lewis Panther & Jennifer Wiley, News of the World, UK, 03/01/2009 
Paolucci, Elisabeth; Genius, Mark & Violato, Claudio,

'Meta-analysis of published research on the effects of child sexual abuse (CSA)' ,  Journal of Psychology (2001, 135, 1, 17-36:
Peter: Comment
The Journal of Psychology (2001, 135, 1, 17-36) carries a 'Meta-analysis of published research on the effects of child sexual abuse (CSA)' by Elizabeth Paolucci, Mark Genuis and Claudio Violato, which reviews 37 good-quality studies.

Scapegoats and Shunning; Sexual Fascism in Progressive America, by "PARIAH", CounterPunch, March 4 / 5, 2006
Parris, Matthew, 
Child abuse, or a crime in the eye of the beholder?, London Times 20 January 2003 
Passmore, Daryl
Child carers ban book;  news.com.au, April 01, 2007 
Pattaya Daily News,
 Contradictory stances on under-age sex and sexual exploitation;  December 16, 2006 
Paul, Jay 
Arreola, Sonya, Torsten Neilands, Lance Pollack, Jay Paul & Joseph Catania, Childhood sexual experiences and adult health sequelae among gay and bisexual men: defining childhood sexual abuse - Journal of Sex Research, July-Sept, 2008 
Pelo, Dr A.
Liebe geht durch die Haut, Ein Essay von Dr. A Pelo, Rotterdam.  Ausschnitt S. 197-202 aus: Dr. Frits Bernard (Hrsg): Pädophilie ohne Grenzen - Theorie, Forschung, Praxis. Foerster Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 1997
Penix Sbagra, Tamara
Sbagra, Tamara Penix & O'Donohue, William, Post Hoc Reasoning in Possible Cases of Child Sexual Abuse: Symptoms of Inconclusive Origins; Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice V10 N3, 2003 
[Pay per article 23 $] Abstract
Rind, Bruce, An Elaboration on Causation and Positive Cases in Child Sexual Abuse; Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice V10 N3, 2003.  Abstract 
Percy, William A. 
In memoriam: Vern Bullough - Quotes from: Vern Bullough, our greatest Sexologist, dies at 77; The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, 1 November 2006
The Guardian & Permalink; "Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse"; The Guardian 17 August 2003 &  in Religion | Permalink; 28 November 2008
Philips, Jim, 
Modern-Day Scarlet Letter; Leave the perverts alone; Jim Philips,  WESH.com, June 15, 2006
Phillips, A.
Boys' Self-Esteem Depends on 'Highly Involved Men'. The Guardian, 17 March 1999.
Pidd, Helen, 
Jersey abuse investigation; Police rule out any murder at care home, The Guardian 08-11-13 
Pieterse, Monica
Interview, Paidika 1991
Woman Who Had Baby With 14-Year-Old Boy Gets Probation; wtol.com, 12 October 2006 
Pillaudin, R.
The Danger of Child Sexuality. From: L.D. Kritzman (ed.): Michel Foucault: politics, philosophy, culture: interviews and other writings. New York: Routledge, 1988. Translation by Alan Sheridan.
Pless, R.P.
Feldman, W, E Feldman, JT Goodman, PJ McGrath, RP Pless, L Corsini and S,  Bennett: Is childhood sexual abuse really increasing in prevalence? An analysis of the evidence,  Department of Pediatrics, Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, Canada; in: Pediatrcs, Volume 88, Issue 1, pp. 29-33, 07/01/1991 Copyright © 1991 by The American Academy of Pediatrics [Abstract only]
Plummer, Ken
Understanding Childhood Sexualities, 1991
Pollack, Lance 
Arreola, Sonya, Torsten Neilands, Lance Pollack, Jay Paul & Joseph Catania, Childhood sexual experiences and adult health sequelae among gay and bisexual men: defining childhood sexual abuse - Journal of Sex Research, July-Sept, 2008 
Powell, Adam-John 
Michael Jackson (1958-2009) 
Powell, R. A.
Lilienfeld, S. O., Lynn, S. J., Kirsch, I., Chaves, J. F., Sarbin, Th. R., Ganaway, G. K. & Powell, R. A.: Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Socio-cognitive Model: Recalling the Lessons of the Past; Psychological Bulletin, 1999, 125-5, 507-523.
Powels, Alvin
Harvard Researchers Say Children Need Touching and Attention, Harvard Gazette
Prescott, J.W.

Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence. The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists, November 1975, pp. 10-20.

Körperliche Lust und die Ursprünge der Gewalttätigkeit. German translation of the previous article. 

Le plaisir du corps et l'origine de la violence, Tiré du "The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists", Novembre 1975: 10-20

How Culture Shapes the Developing Brain and the Future of Humanity  
[ * The article and an Appendix giving more information: 

SomatoSensory Affectational Deprivation (SSAD) 
The Origins of Biological Love 
The Two Brains of Love 
Ten Principles of Mother-Infant Bonding to Change the World ]
Primoratz, I.
Sexual Perversion. American Philosophical Quarterly 04/1997.
PSVG Booklet, 1981: Pedophilia, Protestantse Stichting voor Verantwoorde Gezinsvorming
(Protestant Foundation for Responsible Family Development), The Netherlands.
 La pédophilie, Brochure, (1979), Association Protestante Néerlandaise de Planning Familial
Why Pedophilia Isn't Bad; 2001

Modern Sexual Taboos and Their Morality; 2002

A shorter version is in Ipce's Newsletter E 18.

The Inaccurate View of Science; 2003
The intimacy of children, 2004

A Vision of a New Morality 2003

Dialogue on Sex 2005
Beauty as a Sexual Object 2005
Homosexuality, 2005
Prostitution, 2005
Purdie, David
Najman, Jake; Dunne, Michael; Purdie, David; Boyle, Francis; Coxeter, Peter; Sexual Abuse in Childhood and Sexual Dysfunction in Adulthood: An Australian Population-Based Study; Archives of Sexual Behavior, Volume 34, Number 5, October 2005 , pp. 517-526(10)

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