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Added: June 2015

Stigmatization of People with Pedophilia: A Blind Spot in Stigma Research

International Journal of Sexual Health

Jahnke, Sara, & Hoyer Juergen
Issue23 Apr 2013
Type of WorkResearch Report
Publication LanguageEnglish

Added: April 2015

Human Rights and the Denial of Sexual Freedom

Guyon, Rene
Type of Workpamphlet
Publication LanguageEng

Added: March 2015

Pedophilia from the Chinese perspective

Archives of Sexual Behavior

Ng, Emil M. L.

Pedophilia: A Specific Instance of New Phylism Theory ...

Money, John
Place PublishedNew York
PublisherSpringer Verlag
Extent18 pp

Added: February 2015

Hello Susan Clancy

Galaburda, Cyril E.
Type of WorkLetter to Susan Clancy

Letter to the Ukrainian Parliament

Galaburda, Cyril E.
Type of WorkReport

Added: December 2014

Added: November 2014

Every fifth boy and man is pedophilic or hebephilic

Schuster, Filip; Sep 24 2014
Type of WorkResearch overview

Added: September 2014

Pedophilia: Biosocial Dimensions

(ed.), Jay Feierman R.
Place PublishedNew York
PublisherSpringer-Verlag, New York (1990), ISBN 0-387-97243-9
Extent600 pp

Added: August 2014

Keywords: ethics

The tail end of a dachshund

Gieles, Frans Abstract

Added: July 2014

Quotes from: A fundamental attribution error? Rethinking cognitive distortions

Maruna, Shadd, & Mann Ruth E.
EditionLegal and Criminological Psychology
Place PublishedUnited Kingdom
PublisherLegal and Criminological Psychology
Extent37 pp
Series Volume2006, 11, pp 155 - 177
Invited Article

Incest, paedophilia 'like being gay', judge says

Fairfax Media, New Zealand

Hall, Louise; Jul 10 2014
Type of WorkNews article

David - A True Story

Place PublishedBoychat
Extent60 pps
True story

Dangerous Diagnoses, Risky Assumptions, and the Failed Experiment of 'Sexually Violent Predator' Commitment

Oklahoma Law Review

Smith, Deirdre M.; Jun 11 2014 Abstract

Added: June 2014

We're here. We're sexual. GET USED TO IT

Color Lines,

Miner, Barbara

Perpetual Panic

Federal Sentencing Reporter

O'Hear, Michael M.
Paginationpp. 69–77
Type of WorkEssay

Reconstructing Paedophilia

Naudé, Jonelle
Place PublishedUniversity of Stellenbosch
Extent133 pp
Keywords: levine

The Risks of 'Protection': Panic Over Youthful Sexuality Endangers Kids

Flanders, Laura Abstract

Added: May 2014

Deviations: A Gayle Rubin Reader

Rubin, Gayle S.
Place PublishedDurham & London
PublisherDuke University Press
Extent504 pp
Overview Book

On Boy-Love - Paedophilia: Historical and Scientific Perspectives

Brunoz, O.
Type of WorkEssay
Publication LanguageEng, Du, Fr

The war on paedos: grooming the public’s fears

Furedi, Frank Abstract