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Added: August 2023

Understanding and Challenging Stigmatization of People With Pedophilia

Fakultät Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften der Technischen Universität Dresden

Jahnke, Sarah; Feb 06 2015
Extent208 pp.
UniversityTechnischen Universität Dresden
Place PublishedDresden
Type of WorkDissertation

Added: June 2023

Pedophilia and DSM-5

Journal of American Academic Psychiatry Law 42:404 –7, 2014

Berlin, Fred S.
Pagination404 - 407
Type of WorkDiscussion

Police in Canada have arrested members of a vigilante “pedophile-hunting” group

The Guardian

Cecco, Leyland; Mar 31 2023
Type of WorkNews item

Added: April 2023

Keywords: CSE Effects

Long-Range Effects of Child and Adolescent Sexual Experiences - Myths, Mores, and Menaces

C.Kilpatrick, Allie Abstract

Added: October 2022

Contact Sexual Offending by Men With Online Sexual Offenses

Annals of Sex Research · December 2010

Seto, Michael C., Hanson Karl R., & Babchishin Kelly M.
Type of WorkResearch report

Trajectories in online child sexual exploitation offending in Australia

Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice, No. 524 January 2017

Krone, Tony, & Smith Russell G. Abstract

Added: August 2022

A Generation Silenced: The Role of Children as Seen Through the Discourse on Age ofConsent Legislation

Psychology Department

Mosbacher, Rachel; Dec 03 2007
AdvisorHekma, Prof. Gert
UniversityWheaton College, School for International Training
Place PublishedAmsterdam

Villain Journalism

Galaburda, Cyril E.
Type of WorkCrutical journalism

Added: May 2022

Keywords: DSM, Pedophilia

Is Pedophilia a Mental Disorder?

Archives of Sexual Behavior

Green, Richard
Pagination467 - 471
Type of WorkEssay
Keywords: Tanner stages

The age of the girls and the boys in the Tanner stages

Schuster, Filip - 2022
Type of WorkEssay

Added: April 2022

Statistics Laundering: false and fantastic figures

Graham, I.; Jan 03 2010
Type of WorkEssay, research report

An insight into child porn

X, Mr., & WikiLeaks; Feb 26 2009
Type of WorkResearch Report

Added: March 2022

Understanding pedophilia: Is the criminalization of pedophilia a human rights’ abuse?

Blagov, Laura
Type of WorkEssay

Added: February 2022

Approximately 0.5 percent of all "perpetrators" of "sexual abuse" of "minors" are "pedophilic" men

Schuster, Filip; Feb 17 2022
Type of WorkResearch Essay

Added: January 2022

IMO Archive Library published

Ipce; Jan 27 2022 Abstract

Added: December 2021

Feminism, Child Sexual Abuse, and the Erasure of Child Sexuality

GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

Angelides, Steven
Pagination141 - 177
Type of WorkEssay

Historicizing affect, psychoanalyzing history: pedophilia and the discourse of child sexuality

Journal of Homosexuality

Angelides, Steven
Pagination79 - 109
Type of WorkEssay

Subjectivity under Erasure: Adolescent Sexuality, Gender, and Teacher-Student Sex

The Journal of Men’s Studies, Vol. 15, No. 3, Fall 2007, 347-360.

Angelides, Steven
Issue3, Fall 2007
PaginationThe Journal of Men’s Studies, Vol. 15, No. 3, Fall 2007, 347-360.
Type of WorkEssay

„Ich fühle mich nicht diskrimineert, ich werde diskrimineert" - Social Stigmatization of Paedophiles in Germany

MSC Medical Antropology and Sociology

Pfirrmann, Jana Kristin; Jun 29 2015
AdvisorReader:, Dr. René Gerrets Second, & Gerrits Dr. Trudie
UniversityUniversity of Amsterdam - Graduate School of Social Sciences
Place PublishedAmsterdam
Type of WorkThesis

Added: September 2021

Not 50% but 0,4% … Summarized

Gieles, Frans; Sep 22 2021
Type of WorkSummary of a German essay

A Prospective Examination of Whether Childhood Sexual Abuse Predicts Subsequent Sexual Offending

JAMA Pediatrics

Widom, Cathy Spatz, & Massey Christina; Jan 05 2015
VolumeJanuary 5, 2015
Type of WorkResearch report